10 Bold Predictions for Next 10 Years

Recently, I broke down the signature points and parts of the last decade.

So now let’s go to the next decade and take a look there.

I’m looking into the crystal ball that Florida won three years ago and I see…

1) College football will become a 5-team game.

5 teams will dominate the game- Florida State, Alabama, Oregon, Oklahoma and Florida. These teams are a mix of rich historical programs and hot recently (recently will fluctuate- FSU is hot based on last year, while Florida is hot from winning 2 BCS titles in the past 5 years). These are pretty much the top 5 places to be right now for recruits, and knowing that they all have young, hot coaches and talent wants to go there, they will have the most success.

2) Many other major programs will sink to the bottom for violations

USC, Ohio State and Auburn, among others, appear to be in neck deep with the NCAA. I’m expecting the NCAA to hammer OSU after the most recent findings. And it wouldn’t surprise me if something else was discovered in the Cam Newton scam. Something new seems to surface every month with him. USC may not be done, either. Kiffin and Orgeron are the worst with violations (although they may still believe Urban Meyer owns that distinction) and it wouldn’t surprise me to see them take additional punishment. Due to all the punishments, these three will fall to the cellar of college football.

3) Urban Meyer will return to coaching

With every passing day, Ohio State seems more and more in trouble. Since Jim Tressel is the man to blame for that, he may be kicked out. And we all know it- Urban Meyer has a special place in his heart for OSU. The fact that he had a mild heart attack following the annihilation of the Buckeyes in the BCS Championship game slams that point home. And real tired he is- working with ESPN, traveling around the country, having his own TV show. Maybe there’s less stress, but not a lot less work. He just couldn’t watch Addazio mismanage his team anymore. If he’s not Ohio State’s next coach, he’ll be in charge of somebody by 2020.

4) Steve Addazio will be fired within three seasons

Usually, with non BCS conferences, tolerance for losing is much higher, but I believe that he will be SO bad that Temple will have no choice. Let’s look at it like this- he’s too selfish and arrogant to let somebody else run his offense. We’ve seen that as Gator fans. We’ve also seen what happens when his offense is run using incredible talent (Tebow, Cooper, Hernandez, Nelson, Demps, Rainey etc.), what happens when it’s run with good talent (Brantley, Thompson, Hines, Hammond, Demps, Rainey, Debose, etc.), and now we’re about to see what happens when he runs it with no talent (at least relative to the SEC). It won’t be pretty. Cue the Ron Zook thoughts, 100 times over. This will not be pretty.

5) Kick blocking and speed will play more important roles

Urban Meyer left behind two major things- build a team on speed and block kicks. Get the fastest guys to play for you and you can’t fail. With a good conditioning coach, strength can be acquired. Speed cannot be. So it’s vital to recruit the fastest kids, because you can push them in the weight room and they’ll get bigger. Meyer also showed what happens when you block a kick- victory. Maybe it’s a fluke, but in games UF blocked a kick, they were 16-0 under Meyer. Look for teams to copy these tactics in the future, and look for more speed and blocks.

6) Florida-FSU rivalry will return to the national spotlight

Steve Spurrier vs. Bobby Bowden was a classic. Every time the teams played. Even if the score was as lopsided as 52-20 in a national championship. The two teams were always highly ranked and the game meant something nationally as well as in the state. Look for more of that in the future, with slightly better sportsmanship and class by both teams. Both teams definitely appear poised to make a jump to the top very soon, and since they happen to be in each other’s way, this game will get more views than a Justin Bieber concert.

7) Oregon will reign as king of the Pac-12 and will control the West

The way Chip Kelly is headed, Oregon might not just own the West, but own the country pretty soon. He gets to select who he wants, not the other way around, with recruits. Such is the power of winning successive Pac-10 (or Pac-12) championships. See USC in the previous decade. So weak is the western half of the country that Oregon and Boise State are the only nationally respected teams. Arizona is going down. USC is in shambles. TCU just joined an even more shameful conference than the one it was just in. Utah has lost the last of Meyer’s guys a few years ago, and have not been relevant since.

8) The Big East will collapse and realignment Part II will occur

West Virginia and Louisville have a simple option to avoid disaster. Get out. And take the new guy (TCU) with you. One of you can take TCU to the Big 12 and the other one can join newly independant Boise State, Notre Dame, BYU, Army and Navy as independants. Why WVU and ‘Ville? Because those are the only two anybody respects. Seriously: the Big Least lost their last two BCS Bowl games 48-20 and 51-24. Who CAN respect that? Everybody else should just go to the FCS. The fact that an Addazio led Gator team beat a USF team that was a field goal away from beating the champions of that conference and winning it themselves by a score of 38-14 proves that the Big Least is not worthy of playing with the Big Boys. Other than that, though, I think the conferences are pretty much set.

9) College football will create a playoff

It’s easy. Kill the rediculous games (Florida-Citadel if you need clarification), and play 10 regular season games. 8 conference games (or 9 for the Big 12) one other must be against a BCS team, and the last one must be an FBS team (the Big 12 can eliminate the BCS team if they choose). 16 teams in the playoffs, selected by the BCS. Play the games at teams’ home sites and the championship games will rotate between the Rose, Sugar, Orange and Cotton Bowl. Punish the Fiesta Bowl for what they did forever and restore the greatness that the Cotton Bowl once had. If the bowls don’t like it, they can choose to whine and complain about it, or they can propose that two teams play in a neutral site at their stadiums during the season. For example, the Gator Bowl can offer Florida and Georgia to play in the Gator Bowl every year, and they’ll get money that way. The Capital One Bowl can offer to hold Florida-Miami every year, and then hey- problem solved. UF-Miami becomes a regular season again in the process. Or if they don’t want to play every year, they can offer Georgia and FSU to play every other year. Or something like that. It’s going to happen, once somebody with power gets the idea.

10) Florida becomes QB U

With Charlie Weis, Florida will definitely get good QB play. But what not everybody knows is that the chances are good that he’ll be here for awhile. He has said that he doesn’t plan on being a head coach again, his son is attending UF, and he’d like a fresh start. Look for Jeff Driskel to become a star after Brantley leaves, and Driskel’s successor as well, and so on.

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  1. Yea coach I have to agree football in Texas will always be huge especially in Austin.

  2. Considering that Oklahoma relies on Texas, how one can have Oklahoma there and NOT Texas is baffling.

  3. Although it is fun to fantasize about the future of football…ur predictions read as if u pulled them out of your ass with weak supporting arguments…that’s just my own personal feedback.

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