Addazio’s Last Hurrah

Steve Addazio's last game as a Gator coach...finallySteve Addazio is finally gone.  Before he left, however, he called plays for Florida’s offense one final time in the Outback Bowl.

The game was pretty much what we’ve come to expect out of Addazio.  Actually, the game was exactly what we’ve come to expect of him.  Short passes, predictable runs up the middle, and a lot of offensive ineptitude.  Fortunately, this was one of those games where the defense bailed us out, scoring twice and setting up the offense with a short field countless other times.  Sure, Florida scored 37 points on the day, but Florida’s touchdown drives on the day went for 0, 0, 15, and 25 yards.

Revel in this game Gator fans.  Revel in the fact that this was the last time you’ll have to watch a team consistently try to pick up 2 yards and 3rd and 8 (I counted at least 4 times we ran two yard crossing routes into traffic on 3rd and 5 or longer, and at least one other QB draw on third and long).  Revel in the fact that this was the last time you’ll have to see us go an entire half where the furthest the ball ever traveled downfield in the air was 12 yards (with the second furthest being a 4 yard slant pass to Karl Moore on 3rd and long early in the game), which Florida did once again on Saturday.

That is, unless you decide to start watching Temple football.  I’m sure you’ll see plenty of that there if you ever miss it.

There were lots of interesting stats that came out of this game.  John Brantley went 6/13 for 41 yards with an INT.  More impressive about that performance though is the whopping 3.2 yards per attempt.  Jordan Reed’s horrible 4.6 ypa actually seems good by those standards.  As bad as those ypa numbers are, the yards per completion numbers are even scarier at 7.2.  Not only was that by FAR (needed some emphasis there) the worst yards per completion number of any team that played on Saturday, but it was also worse than more than half of the teams that played on Saturday’s yards per attempt numbers.

Our leading rusher (Reed), rolled downfield at 2.8 yards per rush on 24 carries.  Some of that was set back by sack yardage, but still, we see what happens when the defense knows that every play is going to be a run up the middle or a pass within 3 yards of the line of scrimmage.

Truly, our best offense on the day was our defense, and that’s where our stat of the game comes in.  Ahmad Black was, in a sense, our leading receiver.  His 129 return yards on his 2 interceptions were more than every Gator receiver had on offense combined, and by a comfortable margin.

And that is how Steve Addazio leaves us, as fantastically as he began.  Farewell, Steve Addazio, and good luck Temple Owl fans.

20 thoughts on “Addazio’s Last Hurrah

  1. I’m ready for the Muschamp era to begin. It was clear that Meyer no longer cares about the offense, Dumbazzio is the worst thing to happen to Florida in a long time and the guy didn’t even care. Go Gators.

  2. Damn glad the Muschamp era is here! Goodbye spread offense and hello something that will work. Go GATORS!

  3. Glad to see Addazio gone. I know there’s a lot of heat on Brantley for poor play and I’m not going to defend him and say he deserves to start, but I’m hoping Weis can either help him pull his head out of his ass or be done with him. I don’t like the fact that he’s holding UF hostage with this decision though.

    Looking forward to the future with Muschamp’s D and Weis’s O!!!

  4. :)so happy the addazio era is over!!! been a gator fan for 27+ years and this is the fist season i was so disgusted i left a game early. just sad that he spoiled meyers last year here but that was partly meyers fault. hope muschamp gets the job done – GO GATORS! 🙂

  5. New website looks sweet! I was hoping you’d keep the FireSteveAddazio name for nostalgia sake, but oh well. Really looking forward to the new site.

  6. People keep saying Auburn & Oragon – The spread is where it is at but did anyone watch Stanford last night?

    They are also knocking Weise because of ND but here again ND’s defense SUCKED – They could score on anyone.

    Losing did not bother me this year but playing like shyt was just too much to take. Even in 2009 UF was hard to watch.

    Coach Steve I wish you “God’s speed” but thank God for Temple!!!

  7. I love the site name. How fitting as it is a descendent of the site you created to help all of us Gator faithful survive this past season in all kinds of weather! Looks great so far, I look forward to its evolution and your continued insight. Such as, I’m very curious as to your 2 cents on the Weis hire. Thanks for your time and dedication. GO GATORS!!

  8. I was a long time reader of the Steve Addazio site and I’m glad you’ll be keeping this going now that he is gone. Liking the look of the new site.

  9. I was a long time reader of the Steve Addazio site and I’m glad you’ll be keeping this going now that he is gone. Liking the look of the new site.

  10. You are so right. I chatted with 5 – 10 folks throughout the game on We had a lot of fun predicting each and every play. We knew it wld be impossible to drive the ball and that are only hope wld be PSU mistakes – thankfully they came fast and furious

  11. Listen everyone knows Addazio is a horrible play caller but lets look at the big picture. Your only as good as your quarterback, and JB is the worse.

  12. Since Coach Mullen left the Gator offense has never been the same and let’s face it, we all agree Addazio is no Coach Mullen. I am extremely happy to see him leave because he had no grasp of the spread offense and made the Gators look like a Canadian Junior High team. Thank God for our defense and special teams otherwise this season would have been a lot worse.
    Thank you for starting up this website. I enjoyed the last one and always enjoyed reading your blogs. You are a very talented writer and I look forward to reading more and sharing my 2 bits.

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