All is Forgiven; Florida Rolls Tide For SEC Championship

Was it football?


Was Tim Tebow involved?


Do I care?


Did Florida just lay one of the most lopsided beatdowns of the season on Alabama?

Hell yes.

The first half was a replay of the Jacksonville game. 0 for 10 three point shooting, 6-14 free throw shooting, numerous missed opportunities, etc. I was worried that maybe Alabama’s desperation would win the game for them.

But never count out a group of seniors playing their final game in the O Dome.

The seniors- Parsons, Tyus and Macklin- definitely provided some fuel for Boynton and Walker, who each drained a bunch of threes. Parsons first hit a few, and Boynton and Walker followed up with some of their own. Even on a rare second half miss, Patric Young was right there to reset the offense, which resulted in another three.

Basically, whatever Billy Donovan said at halftime worked wonders.

This was the sweetest win in any sport Florida has had since they beat Oklahoma for the 2008 BCS Championship. Georgia in 2010 and FSU and Cincinnati in 2009 come close, but they can’t top it.


Aside from, you know, ending a few years’ worth of torment at the hands of the Bammers, now whenever they start an argument, we have something to point at and silence them?

Yeah, well, there’s also the incredible story of the senior Adam Allen.

For three years now, Allen has been plagued with knee injuries. He had planned to request a fifth year of eligibility, but after three operations, decided that he couldn’t do it. He decided to quit basketball. But he also decided to stick with the Gators while attending school at UF.

So what better way to end the night than by allowing Adam Allen to come onto the floor to huge ovations to dribble out the clock?

Not really any.

Alabama now has a huge game against Georgia in what could very well turn out to be a play-in game to the NCAA tourney, but who really cares?

Well, I do, but only because it’ll be fun to watch the loser of that game cry.

Now, we have no pressure against Vanderbilt at all. We can win, or lose, nobody will care because we’ve already secured at least a part of the SEC Championship.

What a night.

The Tide just got rolled.

10 thoughts on “All is Forgiven; Florida Rolls Tide For SEC Championship

  1. The second half we were Mach 2 with our hair on fire. WOW. I wish Billy hadn’t trumped Walker’s last made three-pointer with a timeout; he could’ve taken Tyus out right after that. My husband thought Billy might’ve been trying not to seem unsportsmanlike tacking on a 3 at the end when we were killing them. We did see Billy say “Don’t shoot” right after that. I hate running up the score whining crap tho. You’re there to play and score points if the competition gets its feelings hurt go back and play in the sandbox. Whatever. Walker got the last laugh with one last bucket. GO GATORS (to Houston!)

  2. That was a amazing 2nd half for the Gators! They bitch slapped the Tide!
    On another note, I was really happy to see Adam Allen get on the court at the end of the game. The fact that he got a rebound made it all the sweater.:D
    Congrats to all the Seniors.

  3. P.S. Neil: I personally don’t feel vindicated yet. It would’ve hurt AL fans much worse if this had been football. I want eye for an eye for our last two embarrassments between the goalposts. C’mon BOOM make it happen. 😉

  4. Are you aware of just how desperate Alabama was coming into this game? Now they need to beat Georgia and win at least one game in the SEC tournament just to stay alive for an NCAA bid. They would have almost certainly clinched a bid with a win, but the selection committee is guaranteed to remember the way they got manhandled here. I think that Florida just knocked them out of the NCAA tournament barring them winning the SEC tourney.

  5. Yeah, and it feels good. Will feel even better when we steam roll ’em w/the pigskin. 🙂

  6. When Erv Walker tossed the alley-oop to Macklin from beyond the arc I thought I’d died and gone to heaven. And then Vernon started jamming in all those putbacks…if they play like that in the SEC tournament, it’s ours.

  7. Go Gators! We played some good bball and our seniors stole the show. If we keep it up the nation better wake up and be afraid! Uf girl makes a good point football would mean more to me BOOM

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