Announcement: In All Kinds Of Weather teams up with The Gator Collective

The Gator Collective I’ve teased the release of some big news on social media in the past couple of days, and, well, enough teasing. Time to announce a big move for In All Kinds Of Weather- but more importantly, time to announce the dawn of a new day for the Gator Nation with the Gator Collective.

In All Kinds Of Weather is proud (thrilled, really) to join forces with The Gator Collective, an organization that will help bring fans and athletes of the Florida Gators closer together than ever before.

But, all right. So In All Kinds Of Weather has introduced a new partnership with the Gator Collective, and Neil mentioned in that sentence above that it “will help bring fans and athletes of the Florida Gators closer together than ever before.” Which sounds awesome.

But what does that mean? What exactly is it?

The Gator Collective is the brainchild of Eddie Rojas, a former Gator baseball pitcher in the early 2000’s. With the new Name, Image and Likeness rule (NIL) passed by the NCAA that allows student-athletes to finally profit off their name, image and likeness, Eddie took the initiative to create a platform to help these student-athletes capitalize on this new ability to make some money off of their hard work.

So, how does it work?

The first thing to know about the Gator Collective is that it is compliant with Florida NIL law, NCAA Interim Policy, and UF Rules. The Gator Collective allows fans to contribute money in order for The Gator Collective to financially compensate Florida Gator student-athletes for creative content centered on the student-athletes name, image, and likeness.

And the best part is that there are no levels of contribution for access — different fans have different financial situations, and so whatever amount you as an individual are willing and able to give is tremendously appreciated. But legally speaking, this is not a charity in a multitude of ways… not the least of which is that fans will receive access to exclusive content.

And again- there’s no set price required for different levels of access. If you pledge any amount at all- which from here on out I’ll refer to as a ‘commitment’- you receive access to every single piece of content.

So, you might then be asking: okay, well this is great- I’d love to help Gator athletes earn a little money- but what kind of content would a commitment to the Gator Collective grant me access to?

The answer is, all the content you can imagine and more.

The list of Gator athletes to join forces with the Gator Collective is already massive, and growing every day. So far, the Gator Collective has signed Zach Carter, Mohamoud Diabate, Keon Zipperer, Diwun Black, Demarkcus Bowman, Gervon Dexter, Kemore Gamble, and more. These athletes are working with Gator media members ranging from Jeff Cardozo, the folks at the podcast “Stadium And Gale,” and soon, yours truly and the In All Kinds Of Weather team, on exclusive interviews and videos that you won’t be able to access anywhere else.

But there are more people who have joined forced with the Gator Collective than just Eddie Rojas and a few media members. The Gator Collective also has an advisory board consisting of former Gator stars Ben Troupe, Shannon Snell, and Johnny Rutledge. These Gator heroes have been brought onboard to review financial data and athlete agreements to ensure that member funds are used efficiently and effectively to benefit the athletes.

This platform also serves as a hub for all the signed-on players’ personal apparel stores. If you’re interested in shopping for the merchandise of any Gator student-athlete who has signed on with the Gator Collective, there are links to do so on the website.

Best of all, to reiterate- there’s no set payment amount required in order to gain access to the Gator Collective content. Whatever amount you are able to give, and are comfortable giving, we completely understand that different people have different personal situations- and whether it’s $5.99 a month or $49.99 a week, we are appreciative and thankful for your commitment.

Oh, and by the way- the Gator Collective is the first such organization of its kind. Just like Gatorade, the University of Florida had it first.

So, if you haven’t already: join our team of pioneers, gain unprecedented inside access to the Gator football players, and commit to the Gator Collective.