Antonio Callaway update: star WR will be back by fall practice

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It looks like this guy will be running through defenses again very shortly

Much has been made about the situation surrounding Florida wide receiver Antonio Callaway following Jim McElwain’s announcement that he was no longer with the team last winter. Rumors have flown, theories have been exchanged, and speculation has gone wild.

Yesterday, I explained that Callaway had gotten himself into hot water involving a student code of conduct issue, which was no more serious than a noise violation in his dorm. Well, that isn’t why he got suspended.

My source has given me several great tips before. He tipped me off on the Lane/Brantley bowling alley story, the suspensions for the Tennessee game, the Daniel Imatorbhebhe transfer story, and the Will Grier losing his appeal story. And more like them. So when he told me that about Callaway, I believed him and reported it.

But he got this wrong, and thus, I did too.

Rumors had swirled for months that Callaway was being investigated in a sexual assault. This would be a much more logical reason for a six month suspension, and it would also explain why his attorney was involved. I had previously been told that Callaway didn’t do anything criminal, which was why his name never showed up in any police reports, and that made sense. Which is my mistake, so mea culpa.

Anyway, here’s what happened, as confirmed by three different sources. And, well, logic, too.

Upon catching wind of the allegation, Florida immediately suspended him from the program. Even though Callaway didn’t actually commit the assault in question, nor did he have anything to do with it, it’s something of common procedure to suspend the alleged assailant. (Unless you’re FSU and the athlete in question is Jameis Winston.)

However, Callaway’s attorney, Huntley Johnson, had maintained from the get go that the claim was baseless. And indeed, it was. Hence the announcement that he’s been cleared to return to classes.

Now, nothing here changes the bottom line of what I said yesterday. Callaway has not only been cleared for classes, but full clearance to return to the team is ahead. He’ll not only be back for the start of the season, but he’ll be back for the start of fall camp.

Lastly, I want to briefly touch on Treon Harris.

I don’t know exactly what Harris did. I do know that Harris has already been in McElwain’s doghouse once before, and before that little fiasco, got himself in hot water with our previous coach whose name shall not be mentioned in part or in full anywhere on this site.

But the most important piece of info in this article remains true: Florida will get their top playmaker back in time for the season.

7 thoughts on “Antonio Callaway update: star WR will be back by fall practice

  1. Would Treons situation have anything to do with the failed drug test from last season?


    (Neil, you gotta figure out a way for users to be able to post GIFs on here. I have a feeling this place would be going crazy with them if you did that.)

  3. There is NO WAY Callaway got in trouble for being too loud in his dorm! You seem to forget he was kicked off campus… By UF not Mac. Mac cannot remove a student from the Universoty or prevent them from taking classes on campus. He was not allowed to be on campus. UF did not remove him from campus because of the code of conduct you have referred to, it HAS to be something way more serious. I believe it is a Title IX (No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any education program or activity receiving federal financial assistance.” And I believe other students were involved. Whatever happened it was the weekend Eason was in town for his recruit visit.

  4. Anybody see Luke Del Rio’s tweet about this? Lordy, he sure seems happy lol

  5. Suspended 6+ months and kicked off campus for a noise complaint? I dunno, man.
    Either way, hopefully you’re right and he starts game 1 and has 1,000+ yards this year.

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