Bobby Bowden: Jameis Winston was an “embarrassment” to FSU

At long last, someone associated with Florida State has done something that warrants respect from Florida fans. Mark it on your calendars, folks.

What makes this so astounding, and so worthy of me writing up on a Gators blog, is that that someone was Bobby Bowden, easily the most recognizable name among those associated with FSU. And what he did was astonishing in its own right- he lashed out against the second most recognizable name of those connected to FSU- Jameis Winston.

Earlier today, Bobby Bowden called Jameis Winston an “embarrassment” to Florida State. He probably made a big factual error as he went on, saying that this was a consensus among FSU fans and boosters (which a 20 minute search of #FSUTwitter will prove is not the case), but regardless, he made his point.

Bowden is, hard to admit, a classy guy (at least compared to Jimbo Fisher). OK, so he’s not perfect- he wrote a character letter to a judge explaining why he should let an FSU player out of jail- but he’s overall, I think, a good guy. But to see him make such a strong (with a T) statement against the current face of FSU football was extremely validating. The easiest target for jokes Florida fans have had in awhile has now been called an embarrassment by the man who built that program, and along the way became a target of jokes himself.

So that’s good to know you feel that way, Bobby. Thanks.

2 thoughts on “Bobby Bowden: Jameis Winston was an “embarrassment” to FSU

  1. Classy guy? Absolutely not. Perhaps you mean hypocritical guy. From Franz Beard:

    “This is the same coach who played Julian Pittman the last four games of the 1997 regular season and in the Sugar Bowl after Pittman spent 30 days in jail DURING the season for burglary and fraudulent use of a stolen credit card (from his girlfriend no less).

    After Pittman’s sentencing, FSU’s student disciplinary committee expelled him from school but miraculously the higher ups at the university overruled the expulsion and instead suspended Pittman for the spring semester. That allowed Pittman to attend classes and go to football practice while on work release during the 30 days he was in jail.”

    Not to mention all the other scandals, “coaching to the ECHO of the whistle”, Darryl Docket, etc., etc.

    Just a terrible person.

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