Chandler Parsons Out Indefinitely

Watching Parsons fight through his injury against Tennessee was such an awesome sight, it was too good to be true.

It was.

Reports are saying Parsons has internal bleeding and is on crutches due to a deep thigh bruise, and as of 2:30 he is out indefinitely.

Luckily for Florida, they don’t play again until they pay a trip to the Bayou on Sunday, and Billy Donovan hasn’t ruled Parsons out for that game yet.

Parsons collided with Alex Tyus early in the Tennessee game, and although he played through it, he was clearly hurting the whole way. Even still, I never expected the injury to be this serious.

Now the question is who’s the leader if Parsons cannot play? He can be a cheerleader, sure, but that’s not going to do much on its own. The Gators had just begun to find a player to lean on, and then this happens. Like I said, though, this may be a blessing in disguise, and yes, I realize that Parsons is valuable, but unless your wife went to LSU do you really care if the Tigers beat Florida?

To me, the LSU game seems to be a perfect time for Florida to test the waters with other players and see how they respond when put into a leadership position. The good news is that, as usual, LSU sucks and poses approximately no threat to the Gators unless they have one of their famous 12% free throw and 2% 3 point shooting nights.

So this injury comes at a perfect time, unless it is more serious than it appears to be. The Tigers are still reveling in their 2006 Final Four appearance as well as their surprisingly close Round 32 game with North Carolina a few years back, and are ready for spring football practice, and so Parsons can miss this game. It’s almost like missing school the day before Christmas break; what could possibly go wrong?

Well, plenty. But let’s not think of it that way. Let’s instead think about this being a great opportunity for Erving Walker or Kenny Boynton to step up and dominate and force defenses to pay attention to them.

Barring naptime at the Maravich Center and a series of freebees like the Gators handed Jacksonville, the Gators won’t miss Parsons.

3 thoughts on “Chandler Parsons Out Indefinitely

  1. Yeah it will be interesting to see who steps up to be the leader if Parsons can’t play on Sunday. If this does happen I’ll put my money on Erving becoming the temporary commander. He’s a Junior and he has the most heart I’ve ever seen. Plus the other players all respect him. He’s the perfect candidate to fill Parsons shoes if he has to.

  2. I think Walker will be fine in the leadership role. The real question is who’s going to make up for all those rebounds Parsons normally brings in.

  3. That is a good question. Macklin and Young are good candidates, maybe Tyus if he actually decides to show up. Kenny could possibly do it as well.

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