Class of 2012 Committ Matt Jones Chooses Florida

See… I hate to say I told you so, but… I told you.

Muschamp is just fine on the recruiting trail, and proved it by picking up his first big offensive prospect (rumors say Brissett was taken by Weis) as a head coach at Florida.

Rumors say that Matt Jones has verbally declared himself a Gator.

He’s another example of ditching his team growing up for a rival, like Tim Jernigan, only with Jones, he made the Georgia-to-Florida exchange- slightly easier to do when you live in Florida, as Jones does.

But the Gators just magically healed the wound created when Mike Bellamy left for Clemson. I can’t really blame him- Addazio made it look like a circus with guys falling down all over the place, and Blakely wasn’t amused by the clown act and decided on Clemson.

Anyway, Jones isn’t going to be burning opponents for 80 yard TD runs like Demps or Rainey- he’s a big, power running back at 6’4 and 215. He’ll be a short yardage back, and will eventually take over for Mack Brown.

Now let’s see who else the Gators can pull in. In Muschamp’s first year of recruiting at Florida, let’s see just how well he can do.

5 thoughts on “Class of 2012 Committ Matt Jones Chooses Florida

  1. Welcome home Mr. Jones its a great place to be. We finally got a big back, Urban thought speed was the end all be all but you need that bruiser that can get the tough yards. Great thing now our QB doesn’t have to get the tough yards. Can you guys/gals imagine all the great recruits we will bring in with our “pro style offense.”

  2. Yeah I know what you mean. Finally we get a big back instead of a little petite speadster. I have nothing against them it’s just that Urb stock piled’em. Now Driskel won’t have to be the battering ram of the offense like Tim was, and that is a good thing.
    Like you I can’t wait to see who else [b]BOOM[/b] brings in.:D

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