Could Chris Walker Really Return to Gators On Saturday?

I’m keeping this short and sweet, because I’m kind of tied up right now and I’m working on a few bigger projects. But anyway, let’s briefly discuss the Chris Walker case.

These are the facts:

-During his recruitment, Chris Walker took a trip to Kansas with a person he trusted.

-The NCAA declared that this wasn’t kosher, and subsequently banned him from the Gators for the first semester.

-He is currently in limbo, awaiting a further decision from the NCAA.

In the past few days, I have heard things from both sides, both good and bad.

Highlighting the negative side was Pat Dooley’s returned text from “Florida’s AD” (meaning Jeremy Foley himself and not one of his representatives) that read: “Woke up to a returned text from UF AD saying Chris Walker has not been cleared for Saturday. Doesn’t mean it can’t happen”.

But there was much more evidence, at least to me, on the positive side. First, there’s the “inside source” I keep citing- you know, the one who told me about the Demarcus Robinson and Alex Anzalone (and most recently, Deiondre Porter) flips well before they happened- who tells me that he is “pretty sure” Walker will be eligible to play on Saturday against Tennessee. This theory was confirmed by Christian Bruey.

Go back and read the Pat Dooley tweet again, though. He’s just doing his job, being cautious, which is essentially what you’re supposed to do- unless you have legitimate evidence to believe otherwise. Do I have that legitimate evidence? Maybe, but to if so, only to an extent… meaning not enough to break the story like I know for a fact. But the thing is, Dooley seems pretty optimistic to me that Walker will be eligible.

Gut feeling: Walker WILL be eligible to play, but I can’t promise it. Stay tuned for the latest info.

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