Crowd Pulls Gators Through Against Kentucky

Say it was better free throw shooting.

Say it was better three point shooting.

Say it was better coaching.


The crowd was louder than I’ve ever heard it, and it definitely rattled the Wildcats. Even at moments of lesser vitality, such as when Kenny Boynton got fouled shooting a three,┬áthe crowd was so nuts you might have mistaken the cheer for one you might expect if Tim Tebow announced that he had just received a fifth year of eligibility.

Speaking of those three foul shots by Boynton, he nailed all three.

It was at that point that I knew Florida would win.

Kentuckr ran one play the whole game when they needed some big points. They would have one player (it varied in an attempt to confuse Florida) set a pick and two seconds later take two steps and pop wide open. But the Gators caught on to that trick when it mattered, as Alex Tyus was all over Brandon Knight’s face and his desperation three had about as much of a chance as Steve Addazio had of being retained of Will Muschamp.

Steve Addazio!!!

Damn, that name kind of comes to mind, because when Ryan mentioned that Florida had only one crunch time play- a hail mary three ball- he was making a dead accurate comparison to Steve Addazio.

But now the tables were turned.

Now the Gators got to see repetitive plays.

Because whenever UK needed big points they would do the same thing over and over.

But the crowd- man the crowd.

I repeat- it was as loud as I have ever heard.

This year, while UK has good freshmen, they aren’t great ones like they had a year ago. And anything short of greatness in a “Diaper Dandy”┬ámeans that the kid has nerves.

UK definitely showed some nervousness tonight. Even John Calipari looked slightly unnerved when Florida’s lead had swelled to 13.

Now, the Gators just have to avoid their minds getting swelled and falling heavily.

They must avoid de javu after a big win (see Kansas State and Jacksonville).

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  1. I haven’t been to a Gator bball game before but you could feel the crowd from my couch. Maybe we can go deep in the tourney if we keep playing like that.

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