Demps vs. Rainey: Two Very Different Players

I’ve made a highlight film of Demps and Rainey together, but that doesn’t mean they’re identical.

All the announcers mention Rainey and Demps together, but that doesn’t mean they’re identical.

They’re both the same size and same age, but that doesn’t mean they’re identical either.

There are lots of difference between them. The thing is, in the spread offense, it wasn’t that easy to tell for anybody outside of a savvy football fan. But next year, the following differences should become obvious to anybody smarter than Steve Addazio.

Here are some things that Demps is better at than Rainey:

Straight speed.

There was all that talk about how Rainey and Demps always tied in footraces, or how Demps would win one, and Rainey would win the next one, and so on. Untrue. Rainey has beaten Demps a few times, but he won’t do that too many times. Running straight, Demps is simply faster. That’s not to say Rainey’s slow- but it’s like comparing a Concord jet to a regular jet. Demps has incredible speed, while Rainey is pretty fast.


Whenever Tebow had to go deep, Demps was always the one back to block for him. Rainey always went out. Why? Because Rainey always went for the kill block, the highlight reel shot up high, and often missed. Demps always stayed low and cut his defender down or away from the play.

Better overall running back

Rainey can play more than one position, and like I’ve said before in the two step article, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. What it does mean is that Demps will see time as a tailback before Rainey, as Rainey will likely have to play receiver, probably in the slot. Demps is more familiar with the position, knows how to be a running back, and is great at finding a hole and blasting through it. The only problem last year was that Addazio’s blocking schemes were a mess, so Demps had no holes to exploit.

Now here are some things that Rainey does better than Demps:


Rainey is like a light switch; turn him on and he’s ON. No waiting a few seconds for him to hit top speed- he’s there INSTANTLY. That may be why he’s beaten Demps at all- he hits top speed so fast that if you saw him take a handoff and blinked your eyes, he’d already be flying. However, though he certainly is no slug when it comes to running, he’s also no track star like Demps. That’s why he sometimes gets tackled from behind; he doesn’t have the breakaway speed like Demps.

Catching the ball

Or, I should say, he has more experience doing it than Demps. Rainey is the more natural receiver and has pretty good hands, so I would not be surprised if the first deep ball of the year goes to Rainey. We’ve only seen Demps catch a few, and maybe Demps has glue hands, but we just don’t know.


We all heard about Andre Debose being the next Percy Harvin. Honestly, though Rainey has just as good a chance to be the next Percy as Debose. Rainey has nasty juking lateral moves that Demps either does not carry in his repertiore, or does so quickly that human beings cannot follow them with the naked eye. Oh, sure, Demps can break tackles at a rate far more than his size would suggest; just not as often as Rainey.


What to make of this? Well, Demps will almost certainly be the starting tailback come the Florida Atlantic game. As for Rainey, there’s no set position for him, but he’s just too valuable and explosive to keep on the bench. My guess is that he starts in the slot. And here’s a bold prediction: Mack Brown will move to fullback for some packages to allow Demps and Rainey to line up in the backfield together in the POW-ER I.

If you don’t know what the POW-ER I is, remember the 2006 championship game, when there was a fullback and two tailbacks all lines up behind Chris Leak? You know, four guys lined up directly behind each other? Well, that was a pro style formation, albeit a funky one. But I believe that will be back this year to confuse defenses. I also believe there will be some Wildcat with Demps and Rainey and maybe even Debose.

The point of this post is to get you guys to realize two things: One, I’m not just some guy who looks at Florida’s schedule and sees the five losses, sees that our offense sucks and says, Oh, Addazio’s a moron and just blasts him without thinking that there’s anything else to football aside from the offensive coordinator. As much fun as blasting Addazio is, there’s more to football than him. I actually do know football, regardless of what thebone says. Two, please don’t mistake Rainey for Demps,or vice versa. They have their differences and you cannot simply insert Demps in the place of Rainey and tell him to do what he’s been doing all game. They’re different players, as you should see with Weis running the show as opposed to Sgt. Slaughter-Your-Own-Team.

By the way, I’m TRYING to get an interview with Demps, to see what he thinks of it. We have a mutual friend and I’ve talked to him about setting up an interview. Again, it’s not definite, but if it does happen, I’m sure you guys would love that, right? An exclusive interview with Demps for inallkindsofweather? Would you guys like that?


33 thoughts on “Demps vs. Rainey: Two Very Different Players

  1. Great article Neil, they are two very different players. Weis is going to have a field day coming up with ways to maximize both their strengths. The interview with Demps will be highly anticipated! BOOM

  2. Great article Neil, they are two very different players. Weis is going to have a field day coming up with ways to maximize both their strengths. The interview with Demps will be highly anticipated! BOOM

  3. [quote]An exclusive interview with Demps for inallkindsofweather? Would you guys like that?[/quote]
    Umm, hells yeah! Is this really a serious question? Why would we not want this?

  4. The thing about them is, Demps isn’t an RB, whereas Rainey isn’t a football player.

    Demps has zero wiggle. However, he has beyond world class speed so you can live with that simply because he scares the bejeezus out of defenders.

    As for Rainey, he dances too much. That nonsense worked when there was Tebow, Hernandez, Harvin etc. However, last year we saw what happened when he danced too much. Now, if he can get it drilled in his head that sometimes one cut and go works, he could be above average.

    At this point, I’d feel better going with MG than Rainey.

  5. I agree with your points, but I wasn’t talking about Gillislee; I was comparing Demps and Rainey. But I’d definitely give Gillislee a shot at tailback in the FAU game.

  6. I thought Urban sometimes took the “speed over everything” mantra a little too far. I’m looking forward to potentially having a real running back again in the coming years, a guy that can churn off 5-6 yards up the middle when we need it. I was hoping Moody would be that guy, but he never was.

  7. Man Moody pissed me off the guy always stayed hurt and never looked elite. Waste of a scholarship!

  8. Come on Coach Bone,

    Demps isn’t a every down back but he can play RB, if it wasn’t for Dumbazzio diving the sh*t out of him during the Tennessee game he would’ve had a good not great year. Rainey is a football player when he came back from suspension he made an immediate impact, non football players can’t make impacts on the D1 level.

  9. Here we go again bone he did all the dirty work against USF and Tennessee, just had more to show for it against USF because they’re a Big Least team and thus are equal to an FCS team. Think about it, USF lost by more than Miami Ohio. I know that’s not much of a basis for comparison but let’s face it, the Big Least sucks. Tennessee in an SEC team, and no matter how down they are they’re still an SEC team.

    We know Demps has god-like speed. But I’ll tell you what, not too many players- especially not running backs who can’t weigh more than a loaf of bread- are going to be so eager to run dive after dive after dive.

    Pretty much everybody’s season was ruined last year BECAUSE of Addazio. And because this conversation spun towards Addazio again, it made my blood boil all over again and that means another letter from Addazio is in the works.

  10. By true dirty work I mean really blocking.You said so yourself – he went for the highlight reel shot.

    The real way of looking at that is he was trying to block without having to block – launching in the hopes that he will divert the charging player off course, effectively “doing what he’s supposed to do” without actually getting into it and getting his hands dirty.

  11. Actually I was referring to Rainey, as his blocking is slightly behind Demps’. But Demps does occasionally go for the home run block and miss.

  12. He was a decent running back, and decent running backs don’t last in the SEC. Only the great ones can survive the daily pound and grind of SEC football.

  13. I played Highschool QB and I wouldn’t trust Demps or Rainey to pick up the blitz especially with Dumbazzio coaching them.

  14. Disagree. If he was decent he would have made some kind of a contribution to offense. I don’t really remember him doing that at all.

  15. Moody has done nothing but waste a scholarship! I expected something to happen every time he got the ball but the guy just didn’t make it happen.

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