Demps’ Turn To Play Commy Killer As Gators Halt Slide

Urban Meyer did not leave the cupboard bare. Those who know that’s true now have a legitimate argument for the people who don’t.

It’s a simple argument, really. Two words.

Jeff Demps.

He rescued the Gators today, much like he did a year ago against Miami Ohio, and kept the Gators alive for a bowl game. It’s shameful, really, that a program like Florida is even worried about making a bowl game.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.

But back to the game.

The Gators played a little better overall, and I realize that the maturity process goes game by game very gradually. My only complaint with Muschamp and Weis (who we know are really co-head coaches) is that the improvement process didn’t start until today. The idea is for them to start out shaky (though not Miami Ohio shaky) against FAU, play a little better against UAB, then a little better against Tennessee and then Kentucky and so on. The scores are irrelevant. I was watching for smarter, more mature play each week, and it went the opposite way.

But anyway. Enough of the past and let’s focus on today’s game.

I was impressed that the Gators committed only five penalties, and one of them was not called. Come on, be honest, if the flag had fallen for pass interference late in the game on Pop Saunders nobody could complain. Five penalties isn’t great, but it’s acceptable and a whole world better than the 16 it committed against Georgia last week… certainly for this team that wears self destruct buttons on their gloves it’s something to break open champagne for.

What’s not acceptable at all is catching a pass early in the game, breaking tackles, getting to the 2 yard line… and then FUMBLING THE BALL AWAY AT THE GOAL LINE so that not only do you not score, not only does Vanderbilt take the ball, they get it at the 20 yard line.

For god’s sake… HANG ONTO THE BALL. I would rather Omarious Hines or whoever it is next time take a voluntary seat at the 20 yard line every time than have him try to score, succeed 75% of the time and the other quarter of the times be lost fumbles. I get the fact that he’s trying his hardest and just wants to make a big play turn into a huge play, and can appreciate his effort, but there’s an instance of trying too hard.

Other than that, though, and a few busted assignments on both offense and defense. Sure, there was plenty of material for me to criticize, but it’s gotten a lot better overall, and I am proud of this team for overcoming a horrific four game skid and bouncing back to beat a Vanderbilt team that is a far cry from the joke it used to be all the way up to last season. Their coach, James Franklin, has done a spectacular job.

Really, I have nothing but good wishes for James Franklin and have to tip my cap to him. He was ridiculed as a moron for taking the Vandy job, but hey, it is an SEC school and aside from the military colleges where the players have to be great soldiers and tough enough to handle the grueling plebe system, coaching at a highly regarded academic school such as Vanderbilt, Stanford or the Ivy League Schools is about as tough as it gets. But it’s the toughest at Vanderbilt by far because of the conference it plays in. You can’t beat the Gators or the Crimson Tide or either set of Tigers on the field any easier than you can convince a recruit from Nashville to attend Vandy over them.

Yet somehow, Franklin has loaded his team with highly regarded players and has come oh so close numerous times this year. He’s lost to Arkansas, Georgia and Florida by a combined 13 points. Those three teams have a combined 18-7 record, and Arkansas is #7 in the nation.

Nevertheless, a win is a win, so while I offer my hand to James Franklin to say good game, the Gators still control the Commodores by their throats. This makes 21 straight victories all the way back to 1989. The Gators also lead the all time series 34-9 with this one, and it’s especially sweet because this is the best Vandy team since 2008- when Florida led 42-0 before pulling the starters. This Gator team is obviously nothing compared to that 2008 team, but to see them fight through and get this win was beautiful.

Anyway, each year, somebody different plays the role of Head Commy Killer (last year it was Jordan Reed, 2009 was the defense, 2008 was Carlos Dunlap, 2007 was Tim Tebow, 2006 was DeShawn Wynn, 2005 was Reggie Lewis… and so on) and this year it was Jeff Demps, who┬áran for a career high 158 yards, including a move so dirty en route to a 52 yard TD that essentially won the game that it was immediately rated NC-17 by the United States Motion Picture Association. Sorry kids, you’ll have to wait until you’re 18 to see that filthy cut by Demps.

So we escaped the Swamp with a win on Homecoming, which is never a bad thing, especially since we lost our Homecoming game last year to Mississippi State in the Greatest Misguided Attempt At A Game We Wish Was Never Played In The Swamp. We have reason to believe that our team is getting better, it’s just not showing in our win-loss record. That will come next year and even more so in 2013.

We’ll get there.

In the meantime, let’s get ready for South Carolina.

Quick question: can we win that game?

The answer depends on if Florida improves as much from this week to next week as they did from last week to this week. If we do, then I love our chances, because without Marcus Lattimore South Carolina is a chicken with its head cut off… in more ways than one.

But really, what could be sweeter than choking the chicken and killing their chance at Atlanta? Think how sweet that would be… then know that if we come prepared, it will become a reality.

4 thoughts on “Demps’ Turn To Play Commy Killer As Gators Halt Slide

  1. Lattimore is by far Carolina’s MVP right behind Jefferies. That being said, I don’t really think them not having him is going to make much of difference. The D is just going to be too much for us. Can we win? Sure we can. Will we? Not this year.

  2. Beating South Carolina is not sweet, bittersweet maybe. I am still and always will be a fan of Steve Spurrier for what he brought to the University of Florida. While I may want Florida to beat SC, I take no joy in it.

  3. You mean the Steve Spurrier that unceremoniously dumped Florida for no real reason, and then thought he was so high and mighty he shouldn’t have a job interview? I am grateful for what he did with out program, the way I am for what Urban Meyer did. If Meyer took the South Carolina job three years from now I would root for the Gators to pound him into the dust.

    I understand your sentiments, but honestly, it’s really hard to live like that in the SEC. You have to want and take pleasure in bludgeoning whoever is in your path. I loved every nanosecond of the 56-6 beatdown.

  4. Yes, one in the same. Neil sometimes people make mistakes. I personally have been in a similar position, walking away from a job that I shouldn’t have left in the first place. I performed well there and was well regarded by my peers and unfortunately I walked away for the promise of more money elsewhere which eventually fell through. When I went back to my old job, I didn’t fill out another application, nor did I formally interview a second time. I never in my professional career experienced the kind of success that Florida did under Spurrier and I think if he wanted the job back and they wanted him then that would be enough. Funny thing is, I’m not too sure Foley wanted him back.

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