Don’t Worry About Gators’ Awful Signing Day

I’ve said this from the moment Will Muschamp was hired. He’s got to put together a good coaching staff before he worries about recruiting.

But many Gator fans don’t seem to get that.

I’m not calling names, because that’s for morons like Maurice Jones Drew, but there were a bunch of comments and even a few emails to me regarding “Florida being screwed” over the past couple hours.

Some were fair complaints, like about Tim Jernigan.

Others were completely unreasonable.

No matter what the complaint, you guys were right. Today’s signing day absolutely sucked.

And that’s just fine and dandy with me.

In what many- including me- consider to be a horrible recruiting year, the Gators hauled in the best QB in the nation, PAUSE.

Best QB in the nation.

We’ve got the best offensive mind in the nation… yeah, now that connection’s clicking….


No, not the one who’s coaching the defense.

That’s right, we’ve got two booms going!!!

Well, actually, a lot more, at least according to the Gainesville Police Department who received complaints all the way from Tallahassee of sonic booms coming from the stadium on Saturdays in the fall. Rumor has it that they’re going to interrogate Jeff Demps first regarding this issue. Chris Rainey is supposedly paying the GPD a visit next.

Is this easing you?


Because it should.

Because Florida is in no real danger.

Because in one of the worst recruiting years in recent memory, Florida’s still hauled in the top QB, 5 other top 10 players in their positions and what’s probably going to remain a top 10 ESPN Class.

Mark my words, though, if this happens again next year, then the alarm bell goes off. If Muschamp takes the beach house he shares with Jimbo Fisher (imagine that- what do they do here, winner of the UF-FSU game gets the beach house? {I’ll go deeper into this in a later article.}) in exchange for all of the top recruits in Florida, then the Gators are in serious trouble.

But with the way Muschamp recruits, that won’t happen.

Florida’s fine.

Just wait and see, the Gators will be fine.


4 thoughts on “Don’t Worry About Gators’ Awful Signing Day

  1. Yep, not worried about it at all. This class isn’t really that bad and Muschamp will bring in a great class next year.

  2. LOL

    Florida has a stocked young roster and not much room to load up.

    This class is similar to 2009, but I guess since this is a coaching change coming off a down year people don’t make the connection.

  3. This class isn’t bad Neil! If you remember Zook and Meyer’s first class wasn’t great. We will be fine.

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