Ex-Notre Dame QB Everett Golson visits Florida; Gators unlikely to land him

Once upon a time,  Notre Dame had a QB named Everett Golson, who led them to a national championship game. Now, Golson is looking for a new home, and is open to playing pretty much anywhere else. Including Florida.

Golson, who has already graduated, took a look at Florida today after visiting FSU yesterday. Other schools on his so-called “wish list” include South Carolina, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.

But just because he placed Florida on his wish list doesn’t mean the Gators will land him. In fact, the odds are stacked against him coming to UF.

For one thing: that damned quarterback competition. We’ve heard about little else for months now, and all Golson would do would complicate it. Florida coaches have and will spent/spend countless hours working to develop Will Grier and Treon Harris, as whichever of them wins the job will have it for at least two, and probably three years. Florida has already thrown a redshirt on Grier, so potentially making him wait yet another year- even if Golson beats him out- is bad long term. Grier (who figures to win the job) is going to need to take his lumps at some point; 2015, what figures to be a rebuilding year, figures to be a much better time for him to take them than 2016, when Florida could be competing for a championship.

Then there’s the waiver Golson would need to get signed. Thanks to his little problem at Notre Dame, Golson does not meet the criteria to play an SEC school as a graduate transfer, which specifically states that incoming athletes can not have ever faced discipline at their previous school. The only way around that is a waiver, but as a source told ESPN, those aren’t easy to get signed.

And truth be told, I don’t want him; he threw 14 picks last year on 427 attempts, and he’s a senior, meaning his window to improve is limited, whereas Grier is young and can actually learn something and become better in the long run by making bad decisions in a surefire rebuilding season.

I know this story has made some waves among Gator fans. But trust me, we don’t want him.  We don’t need him. We need to build for the future, and the future is not a fifth year senior with a history of making bad decisions both on and off the field