I spoke with future Gator cornerback Marcus Roberson last night. He seemed thrilled to be a Gator.

Marcus Roberson Interview



Neil: Hey Marcus! Welcome to Gator Nation!

Marcus: Thanks, I’m looking forward to it…

Neil: From the time you’ve been here, what have you been able to tell about Will Muschamp?

Marcus: I love Coach Muschamp. He’s got a fantastic scheme that fits me perfectly. There’s no real secret to it. He just loves aggressive players and I’m an aggressive cornerback, so I’ll fit in it very well. I feel I’ll be able to make a lot of big plays in his aggressive defense.

Neil: What made you dump Auburn for Florida?

Marcus: I didn’t really dump Auburn, I just felt UF’s go-get-em scheme was better for me.

Neil: you’ve got a real smooth backpedal from the tape I saw, and great instincts. But is there anything in particular that you think you need to do in order to see some playing time as a freshman? What’s your biggest weakness, in your mind?

Marcus: Getting a little faster and stronger, but I feel that with some good critiquing by Coach Muschamp, I’ll get there!!!

Neil: Is there one game in particular that you’re looking forward to this year? Auburn perhaps? Georgia? Or are you looking forward to it all?

Marcus: They’re all big games. I don’t want to put heavy emphasis on any one. A loss to anybody, you wind up with the same awful feeling.

Neil: What did you think of the paintball trip?

Marcus: I didn’t go, but it sounded like a lot of fun… I love doing stuff like that and it shows what an awesome guy Muschamp is.

Neil: You’re coming into Gainesville on the heels of guys like Joe Haden, Major Wright, Ahmad Black, Reggie Nelson, big Gator names, what does that make you think, knowing you’ll be patrolling the same secondary they once did?

Marcus: It’s inspiring, I’m just here to keep the tradition going so maybe in the future you can add me on the list!!! They were all fantastic and it’s an honor to play the same position they once did in the same stadium.

Neil: I know you play defense, but what can you tell about the offense? What do you think of it? Your thoughts on Brantley and Andre Debose?

Marcus: Both of those guys are fantastic. They’ve both got worlds of talent and everybody talks about how difficult it is defending Andre in practice… I’m looking forward to practicing against them. Maybe I’ll even play some receiver in the future, to see if I can’t do better! I played receiver until my junior year of high school, so don’t be surprised if I play some receiver at Florida… probably not this year but keep your eyes peeled!

Neil: What are your goals at Florida? Is there anything in particular you want to accomplish, or do you just want to take things game by game?

Marcus: If this isn’t a reach, I’d like 5 picks as a freshman. As for games, just taking it game by game. It would be pretty cool if I could leave Florida with more pick 6’s than anybody else… but as for right now, I don’t have a starting spot. Nothing is set. Nobody has their spot stamped. I’d like to get my starting role cemented before I can worry about any of that.

Neil: The loss of Janoris Jenkins hurt, but how does that impact the secondary for you? Does it hurt as much as everybody thinks it will?

Marcus: He was a great corner. It will hurt. But this is Florida. We’ve got talent to replace him in time.

Neil: Give me one name you think will step up, and that we should keep an eye out for:

Marcus: I can’t yet. I haven’t seen enough of them yet… but hopefully they’ll all be willing to step up. Again, this is Florida. There isn’t just one great player. They all have worlds of talent. Hopefully everybody steps up and we wind up with the best defense in the land.

Neil: Marcus, I’ve seen tape of you, and I gotta be honest, I haven’t seen too many guys with your combined height and skills, we’re thrilled to have you.

Marcus: Thanks a lot.

Neil: Thanks for being so willing, and best of luck to you this summer and this fall.

Marcus: Anytime, GO GATORS!!!


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  1. Love it. His enthusiasm is blaring off the page. Sounds like a smart player with the present in perspective, but with big goals for the future. And he’s obviously appreciating this opportunity he’s been given/earned, unlike some of the recently departed. Oh and, HA HA Auburn! :p

  2. Neil, that was an excellent interview sir. Very well done. You gave great questions and Marcus gave great answers. I can’t wait to see him in Orange & Blue this season!
    On another note, guy’s, if you haven’t joined this group yet [url=https://www.facebook.com/#!/home.php?sk=group_220004074690500&ap=1]https://www.facebook.com/#!/home.php?sk=group_220004074690500&ap=1[/url] then do so ASAP! It’s a great group and you’ll be glad you joined.

  3. Thanks Neil, great interview man! This is just making me hungrier for the football season to start! BOOM!

  4. I think this was a fair trade. Mike Blakely for Roberson. Plus, Roberson was free!!!

  5. So psyched for this season, i like hearing when a player is excited about what he sees on the practice field.

  6. I like this guy not only can he play good football. He can actually use correct English. 😀

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