Explaining our National Signing Day coverage

Must be that time of year again.

You guys seemed to really enjoy last year’s coverage of National Signing Day, so I won’t be changing much about how I’ll do things this time around. But I will be adding a few new things.

Last year, our National Signing Day Tracker was a huge hit, so I’ll be doing that again tomorrow. The quick, one sentence synopsis of the NSD Tracker: a live feed of every single thing that happens throughout the day that even remotely involves the Gators. It’s very similar to our Recruiting Activity Timeline, except that the updates will be coming much faster and there will be a lot more of them; take a look at last year’s NSD Tracker to see how it works. The link to that page will be posted as a new article on the website’s homepage at midnight tonight, so come back to inallkindsofweather.com anytime after 12:01am to access it.

One of the added features to this year’s coverage of Signing Day is a special Big Board. It will mimic the master Big Board that’s been up since December, but will only contain the information of the recruits who will be making a decision tomorrow. Simple, right? This will also be available at midnight as its own article on the site’s homepage, right below the NSD Tracker. The idea is to give you a more organized way to track the Gators’ Signing Day activity as opposed to a long, chronological list of the happenings.

Finally, I’ll be updating the Gators’ recruiting class page as new commitments are made and letters-of-intent are sent in. (Keep in mind that nothing is official until the University of Florida has received a letter-of-intent from each commit, which is what this page is designed to keep you up to speed on.) Pretty straightforward.


To recap: two separate articles will be posted at midnight, the NSD Tracker and the Signing Day Big Board (the NSD Tracker will be the “newer” post, so it will be listed first). The hope is that each of you reading this will kill several hours worth of production hitting the refresh button on the NSD Tracker, with intermittent detours to the Signing Day Big Board and the recruiting class page. Our coverage will begin at 7:45am, and last throughout the day. So set your alarm, get a good night’s sleep, and be prepared to watch the drama unfold with us.

So, until tomorrow morning…

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