Florida 34, Vanderbilt 10: Gators crush Vandy to eclipse 2013 win total

Looks like all is well in the land of Gator football once again- at least for now.

Treon Harris threw for 225 yards, ran for 53 more and the defense played lights out as the Gators avenged an embarrassing 34-17 loss to Vanderbilt at home last year by blowing out the Dores, 34-10. The win gives Florida five for the year, which eclipses 2013’s win total of four. The score is nearly identical to the one from last year, but it’s been flipped in our direction. Just felt like flinging a shot at Vanderbilt for fun, because that’s what most of this game was- fun.

Again, though, the Gators got off to a rocky start. And it was Vanderbilt having fun early.

Midway through the first quarter, McCrary guided the Commodores straight down the field and lofted a touchdown pass to Stephen Scheu to give Vandy a 7-0 lead. On the play, Jabari Gorman was caught badly out of position- another bust by this much maligned secondary. That capped a 7 play, 85 yard drive that left many Gators, including myself, thinking “Really? We’re really gonna do this again? Seriously?”

But that was where the Vanderbilt fun came to an end and the Gator fun began.

Florida responded to the Scheu touchdown with a methodical 10 play, 65 yard drive that ended with a sweet 13 yard run from Kelvin Taylor. The Gators then stopped the Dores again and got the ball back, and Treon Harris wasted no time burning the Commodores deep with a 49 yard bomb to Ahmad Fulwood. That set the Gators up with a 1st and goal at the Vanderbilt 3. Muschamp would waste that opportunity with the ridiculous decision to insert Jeff Driskel into the game for a power run on third and goal, and predictably, he got stuffed. But the Commodores turned it over right back on a Ralph Webb fumble, and Florida took the lead for good on a touchdown by Driskel.

From there, a Frankie Velez field goal made it 17-7, and Treon Harris delivered the knockout punch with a touchdown run 9 seconds into the fourth quarter. That run came three plays after a 60 yard bomb to Quinton Dunbar, and made it 24-7- game over with this defense. Vandy would add a field goal, but the Gators wanted no part of a close game and responded with another touchdown- Harris’s second rushing score of the game. Vanderbilt wasn’t done giving out gifts, however, as McCrary threw a pick to Vernon Hargreaves. Florida cashed that mistake in for a field goal to make it 34-10, which turned out to be the final score.

Amid the win are plenty of things for this team to work on. The Gators committed nine penalties (where have I heard that before?), including a silly personal foul by Antonio Morrison, and some of Muschamp’s decisions were questionable (read: stupid), like putting Driskel in the game at the goal line. Vandy knew all he would be put in for was run- he can’t hit the side of a Winn-Dixie with a pass- so that’s what they defended, stacking the box and blowing up the play. And on the fourth down play that got the touchdown, Driskel needed 24 inches, and got 25. Vandy knew precisely what Driskel was going to do, and they had the play stopped, but he got in by the skin of his teeth. A play action rollout with Harris with a run-pass option would have been a much better way to go, given Driskel’s propensity for fumbling and given that we hadn’t done it yet in short yardage situations up to that point, but luckily for Muschamp, it worked (more on that later in the week).

But I’m not complaining too much; a win is a win. And in the SEC, even against Vandy, each one is precious.

7 thoughts on “Florida 34, Vanderbilt 10: Gators crush Vandy to eclipse 2013 win total

  1. Bianchi can be a bit of a doofus but he echoed what I have been saying for a long time –

    “Will Muschamp alway says the SEC is a line of scrimmage league. Which it is. Maybe you can do that in Alabama, Arkansas. The SEC may be a line of scrimmage league, but Florida is not a line of scrimmage state. Florida is a state of fast guys and lots of running backs and lots of wide receivers.

    “I think you have to take advantage of that when you’re the coach of Florida. I don’t think you can just try to play an overpowering style of football. You have to have really good wide receivers. You have to have really good running backs. Because that’s a strength of the state of Florida when it comes to recruiting.

    “So no, I don’t think Will Muschamp’s style of play, the idea that he brought into Florida, I don’t think that works at the University of Florida. Because of the recruiting I just mentioned, and secondly, because I don’t think that’s the style of play that Florida fans want. Florida fans came of age with Steve Spurrier and the Fun ‘N’ Gun offense. Even when Will Muschamp was 11-1 that second season, Gators fans were complaining about the style of play. It was painful to watch. They weren’t selling out their games and they were barely winning games when they should’ve blown out teams.

    “I remember Louisiana-Lafayette that season. They won the game on a blocked punt the last play of the game. Otherwise Louisiana-Lafayette had a chance to upset them. The (small) margin of error that Will Muschamp has created with the style of play has been a mistake.”

    1. This is precisely it. Muschamp plays the game with such a miniscule margin of error. Reason number 638371 why he needs to go before more long term damage is done.

  2. Does anyone reasonably think that if Driskel started last night’s game, we are not looking at a turnover laden 24-10 loss? And isn’t it amazing that the Gator receivers have stopped dropping passes now? Perhaps not only wasn’t Driskel accurate, he also didn’t throw very catchable passes?

    It is also a truism that you don’t start a fight with both hands tied behind your back – something that Muschamp regrettably believes in. I will gladly have the same “good riddance” sentiment once he’s given the pink slip in a few weeks, no matter how many more games he wins in spite of his philosophy.


  3. I’ll give you the penalties and chippy play but you’re going to complain about this win? Really?

    Driskel is a beast and that’s why he was in on Goal Line. I might have added another TE and possibly an FB but you need to cut Muschamp some slack. I think next time I’d bring JD in because EVERYONE knows he’ll run it but then let Treon throw it.

    We passed the ball. We were almost 50/50. We threw down field. We lost three on the O Line and still threw the ball.

    If we can keep the development I’m ok with this. And did you see what Brissett did?

  4. The problem with the Brisset mention is, his third worst gamer ever is still better than a typical JD performance.

    That’s the rub – JB has a sh*tty game and it’s “did you see the game he had?”

    We ask the same question about JD when he has a DECENT game.

    1. It is obvious that JD is a Practice QB and not a Gamer but Brissett has not done anything at NCS.

      With Harris and Grier, if our line can come together we’ll be fine.

      My knock on Muschamp is staying with JD and his past OCs.

      1. Is is JB’s first year starting, for a rebuilding team in year two of the coach’s overhaul. He’s completed 60% of his passes with 18 TD vs 5 int. i would say he is doing fine.

        As for Grier, you’re assuming he can step up his game. He played inferior competition at a private school in a small circuit. The last QB Florida had that fit that criteria was JB and we saw how awesome he was as an FBS qb. Harris should be the real deal though, and there is a reason he is playing and Grier is riding the pine.

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