Florida-Georgia Could Be CBS Night Game Plus an Early Look of Tentative/Predicted Kickoff Times

There’s no way in hell CBS will ever let go of this game.

The question is whether it will go on the big stage or not.

According to an anonymous PR official at Florida, “CBS has four primary options for this game. In no particular order, Florida-Georgia, LSU-Alabama, Florida-Alabama and Florida-LSU. CBS decided to move the LSU-Arkansas game back to Friday so that eliminates one major possibility, although it rarely, if ever, has chosen a game on Thanksgiving weekend to be on at primetime.”

I understand all the possibilities.

The Cocktail Party is an especially bitter rivalry, plus it’s an ex Bulldog player turned Gator coach against his former team.

LSU-Alabama could very well be the top two teams in the nation, plus it’s Saban against his former team.

Florida-Alabama is a student vs. his teacher and his classmate (Saban’s the teacher, and his DC, Kirby Smart, learned under him as well).

And since Les Miles seems to save his most outrageous riverboat gambling for against Florida, and since Muschamp worked for LSU only three years ago, AND since it was the primetime game from 2007-09 and got huge numbers of views, Florida-LSU could be the 8:15 game as well.

So we might be seeing the Gators at night on CBS for the eighth straight year (2004-06 against Tennessee, 2007-09 against LSU, 2010 against Alabama).

If it isn’t at 8:15, then the game will kick off at 3:30 ET on CBS.

Here is our schedule, all games either tentatively scheduled or predicted:

FAU: 6:00 ET on ESPN2

UAB: 12:30 ET on SEC Network

Tennessee: 3:30 ET on CBS

@Kentucky: 6:00 ET on ESPN2

Alabama: 3:30/8:15 ET on CBS

@LSU: 3:30/8:15 ET on CBS

@Auburn: 7:30 ET on ESPN

vs. Georgia: 3:30/8:15 ET on CBS

Vanderbilt: 12:30 ET on SEC Network

@South Carolina: 3:30 ET on CBS

Furman: 1:30 ET on Sun Sports

FSU: 3:30 ET on CBS

As you can see, lots of games going in high picks. The thing is, a lot of times there aren’t many games that are better so inevitably Florida winds up a high selection. You know the deal: CBS gets first pick (twice a year the first two; one at 8:15 and the other at 12:00 noon), ESPN family gets next two, SEC Network gets the fourth, and the rest go to local channels.

For example, Florida and FSU don’t have any real competition aside from the Iron Bowl. Yeah, like they’ll put the Egg Bowl on CBS. Fat chance.

Florida Tennessee has zero competition unless you count LSU-Mississippi State, giving it a 2% chance of not being selected by CBS.

Florida Auburn could wind up a CBS game except teams are limited to 6 regular season games on CBS. But look at this competition: LSU-UT, Alabama-Ole Miss, South Carolina Mississippi State and Vandy-Georgia. Maybe one of the other games will switch. Who knows.

I could see Auburn-Georgia possibly beating out Florida-South Carolina, but that’s it.

Yeah, I’d say we’re pretty popular, wouldn’t you?


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  1. I would love for the UF-UGA game to be played at 8:15. Nothing would make me happier than watching the Gators whoop the mutts on prime time T.V.:D

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