Florida-Georgia is phase one of Will Muschamp’s last stand

I’ll break down the x’s and o’s of Florida-Georgia tomorrow (we also have a podcast previewing the game I’m currently working to put up late tonight), but first, I wanted to share my thoughts on Will Muschamp’s job security one more time. Not what I want to happen, mind you, but what I believe will happen.

Everybody agrees with one thing. There’s no more hiding the fact, no more ducking questions about it, no more skirting around the subject with his family, and no more pretending he doesn’t pay any attention to it.

One of the game’s biggest rivalries will be on display at 3:30 on CBS this Saturday. And if embattled coach Will Muschamp doesn’t finally taste victory in it, I doubt he even makes it to the Vanderbilt game without at least being told in private that he won’t be back in 2015.

I totally get that you’ve seen this exact type of article before. I said precisely the same thing before the Missouri game, too (thanks so much for that brilliant performance for all the proud UF alumni to witness in person on homecoming, by the way, Muschamp). Yet despite the abhorrent performance by Muschamp’s Gators, he still has a job. But the stakes this week feel different. I’ll be honest; I can’t really offer a solid explanation as to why losing to a top ten Georgia team on a neutral field would get Muschamp axed on the spot while getting annihilated in the Swamp by an unranked Missouri team didn’t… except for one thing. This is the rivalry game in the SEC. And in three years, Muschamp’s ineptitude has erased two decades of unbelievable Gator dominance (thanks for that too).

Does a win in Jacksonville save Muschamp’s job? No. At least, not by itself. He’s still clinging to a splintering board; a win basically means the board doesn’t snap in half. Nothing happens to his job security on Sunday if the Gators win on Saturday. But should he run the table- and that includes a bowl game- he very well may be back in 2015. And so he has to realize that thanks to Jeremy Foley’s unbelievable level of stubbornness, he still has a chance to coach his way back to Gainesville next year.

The thing is, winning out is very doable if the Gators play their best game each of the next five weeks. The other thing is, the Gators almost never do play their best game when they need to under Muschamp. In any case, if Florida can get past Georgia, the rest of the remaining games (@Vanderbilt, South Carolina, Eastern Kentucky and @Florida State) looks surprisingly soft. The only game after Saturday I have a bad feeling about is against a 7-0 FSU team that reeks of suspicion to me. The Noles’ best win on the year was over a Notre Dame team that scored the winning touchdown only to have it erased on a 50/50 call that’s almost always ignored by referees. Their next best win was over Big 12 also-ran Oklahoma State (5-3 right now). I don’t think beating them is impossible.

If the Gators can win this game on Saturday, a lot of doors open up. Suddenly, 9-3 (including a bowl win) seems very plausible. Considering how much Foley loves Muschamp, that would certainly bring him back. Personally, I’d be appalled to see him back regardless of what happens. I don’t know what I’d do if I had to deal with one more year of Muschampian screw ups, but the bottom line is that I’m almost certain he’d get that year because I don’t make these decisions, and the man who does trusts him more than anybody.

Then we’d get into the discussion (that I desperately want to avoid) about whether or not we’d want him back (and you know my thoughts; absolutely not, because it’s not the win loss record, it’s the deplorable style of football he employs). That would be one hell of a debate throughout the offseason, and one I’d try my hardest to stay out of.

So here we go. The system for Muschamp is something like twelve million strikes and you’re out, and he’s got 11,999,999 right now (slight exaggeration, but you get the point). Beating Georgia doesn’t erase the strikes he’s accumulated. It merely gives him a pass until next week.

What’s it gonna be, Muschamp? 1-7 in the World’s Largest Outdoor Cocktail Party sound good to you?

8 thoughts on “Florida-Georgia is phase one of Will Muschamp’s last stand

  1. I can’t see him winning out.

    I like Muschamp. I like the D and I like the fact that he cleaned up the off-field issues. I like the fact that we are doing well in the classroom.

    What I don’t like is the Offense and I have not Liked it since 2009. I don’t understand why we can’t get Linemen or Tight Ends. Even the NFL is now TE dominated. I don’t understand how schools loaded with 2 and 3 stars can play sharp football against big programs for 3 quarters (Then talent takes over in the 4th) but we can get blown out in the 1st.

    I like Muschamp but I also liked Zook. At this level it’s not about like, It’s about performance. Heck, he may become a Superstar somewhere else (Look at “Rich” Rodriguez).

    Problem is HE AIN’T PREFORMING HERE and we all know what he says about POTENTIAL!!!

  2. It’s still amusing to me that Ron Zook went 2-1 in this rivalry and the Georgia teams he beat were both ranked in the Top 5.

    The Georgia teams Muschamp has lost to were: barely ranked, #12, and unranked.

    There are only 2 people keeping this from being a 5+ TD Georgia win: Mark Richt & Treon Harris.

    There won’t be a fluke win tomorrow. We will lose. I’m still going to watch, but we will lose. Remember, this team got destroyed by a team that lost to INDIANA This team needed a 4th down prayer TD with an expired play clock to escape KENTUCKY. And this team was 15 minutes away and a rescuing by a true freshman QB from losing to UT 10-0. Can you see it now, Tennessee, the laughing stock of college football for years, being the team that breaks the shut out streak. Jesus Muschamp…GTFO.

  3. I am absolutely disgusted and embarrassed. Jeremy Foley needs to realize Muschump is embarassing the Alumni (which I am one), the University, the fans and himself. Ron Zook was fired for far less than this and look at him now; coaching special teams for the Packers. He’s doing alright.

    I believe Muschump lost the team when he left Driskell in as a starter. He never gave us the greatest chance to win. He has not only humiliated Jeff by asking him to do something that clearly he can not but he has also turned the team against him. Jeff always looked scared to me even in the Orange and Blue games he looked scared.

    The only entertaining thing about this is the Steve Russel Show after the games. Please Jeremy Foley make the bleeding stop fire this guy. At this point Albert the Alligator in full on Mascot gear could do a better job than this!!!

    1. The only thing wrong with this comment was your spelling of the world “Driskel”. 😉

      Seriously, though, hammer has met nail head on. And I’m not sure if you have connections close to to the team like I do, but if you don’t and are just saying this as a fan, you’re more right than you know (I’ll discuss that more in detail once he gets fired; I can’t say certain things right now while he remains the head coach). But yeah, he’s sort of, kind of, pretty much, totally disgraced a proud football program.

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