Florida set to hire Oregon’s WR Coach Matt Lubick according to multiple sources

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Jim McElwain has made some phenomenal hires thus far, but he may have saved his greatest trick for last. According to multiple sources, McElwain is set to hire Oregon wide receiver coach Matt Lubick to the same position at Florida.

McElwain had previously said that he would wait until the season- including the national championship game tonight between Ohio State and Lubick’s Oregon Ducks- was over to complete the act of filling his staff. But this morning, I learned that Lubick to Florida was essentially a done deal. And it’s more than just filling a staff position.

Lubick brings with him an excellent resume of not only coaching prowess, but recruiting elite talent to play for him. Lubick knows the SEC as he was the WR coach for Ed Orgeron at Ole Miss and recruited stud playmaker Dexter McCluster. He also worked at Arizona State under Dennis Erickson. He was the recruiter that signed LB Vontaze Burfict, the highest rated prospect the Sun Devils have ever landed. Before that, Lubick was at Duke under David Cutcliffe 2010-2012 and was named “Assistant Coach of the Year” by the AFCA in 2012.

But the cherry on the cake here is that McElwain is really close with Sonny Lubick, Matt’s father, and who Matt worked with as a graduate assistant at Colorado State. Florida has now completed (maybe) their best group of staff hires since the Spurrier days. Well done, Coach Mac.

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    1. Seeing how two of them are retired……

      Trick Question:

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        1. I don’t know.

          Stewart is 2-2, played in two conference championship games as a qb and a super bowl as slash

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          I am sure you had some sort of point in your mind.


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    1. ^^^ Look at all those guys who “belonged in the NFL”! And to think one of them “doesn’t belong”!

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