Florida Still Isn’t Quite Even for 2007 Georgia Dunce Dunce Revolution

I dreamt last night that a bunch of bulldogs- not UGA bulldogs, just a pack of random bulldogs- were jumping up and down to some random song that I can’t remember. But I woke up remembering the Hoedown at the Showdown and my blood boiled all over again. Of course, the High School Musical dance scene wasn’t the reason Georgia won that game.

Rather, it was Florida’s sudden inability to remember how to shoot the a-gap, or even to remember what an a-gap is.

Or, for that matter, any other gap.

Knowshon Moreno ran up the middle, off tackle, outside and all over the field for 188 yards and Georgia topped Florida 42-30.

However, nobody outside of serious football fans will remember the inability to even lay a finger on Moreno because of what happened following his first touchdown- the entire team charged the field and turned the end zone into the dance floor at some random Las Vegas night club. Every kind of obscene dance and gesture that you can imagine was executed by at least one of the 55 players in that end zone.

Florida crushed Georgia 49-10 in 2008, and Urban Meyer called two timeouts just to rub salt into the nerve deep wounds, but it wasn’t enough.

Florida crushed Georgia 41-17 in 2009, and Tim Tebow broke UGA running back Herschel Walker’s touchdown record, but it wasn’t enough.

Florida edged Georgia, 34-31 in 2010, with Chas Henry nailing the game winning field goal, but that still wasn’t enough for Gator fans, even after Henry blew a kiss at Todd Grantham, the Georgia DC, after Grantham yelled at Henry before the kick that “you’re gonna f—— choke!!!”

No, we’re still not even, not in a rivalry game.

Rivalry games are very different in this special way: while non rivals that beat or annoy you merely warrant an eye for an eye retaliation, a rival that rubs you the wrong way requires an eye for both eyes, both ears and then the nose, and if was an especially over the top insult, then the head comes off.

Again, guys, I’m not especially fond of Tennessee, but what’s the difference between them and South Carolina? But, now, when Georgia, FSU, Miami or even Auburn or LSU aggravate Florida, then it’s war. Against Tennessee we simply retaliate and then go back to our normal lives.

Right now, we’re in a war with Georgia. Rivalries require roughly a five to one get-even code, and Florida is 60% of the way there- the timeouts were insult #1, the record breaker was insult #2, and the kiss from Henry was insult #3.

So this leads me into Muschamp. However, he’s got to be very careful not to make it too obvious or insulting, because then everybody sees it, and the more obvious an insult is, the angrier the opposing coach will get.

Let me explain that.

The opposing coach (Richt, in this case) is probably going to find out about anything insulting done by Florida. But people have a natural tendency to get even more upset if the insult was purposely done to a huge audience. I mean, would you rather get beaten up in private or in public? The public humiliation is much worse, so Muschamp has to be very careful to not do anything too public, because Georgia, like it or not, is talented, and if you anger the coach of talented kids- especially if the coach is any good, and Richt is a pretty good coach- then the players get angry and they play great.

Meyer could afford it in 2008, because he had this guy named Tebow coming back in 2009 (or so he was pretty sure of), but even if he didn’t, he still had Hernandez, Rainey, Demps, Brandon James, Cooper, Nelson and the entire defense coming back.

So what is it going to be, Coach Boom?

The dance floor is all yours, Coach. Everybody has cleared away to give you some room, and the DJ is playing a fast song, so you have to jump right in without missing a beat, and I believe you will do that.

I’m not talking about strategy; I’ve already done that. But what’s your icing on the cake?

12 thoughts on “Florida Still Isn’t Quite Even for 2007 Georgia Dunce Dunce Revolution

  1. OK I will
    National Championships: Tennessee-6 South Carolina-0
    SEC Championships: Tennessee-16 South Carolina-0
    All time records: Tennessee 789–340–53 (.690) South Carolina 543–539–44 (.502)-Most of these wins came in the ACC.
    Bowl Records: Tennessee 25–24–0 South Carolina 4–12–0
    Consensus All Americans: Tennessee-38 South Carolina-18

    Quite simply Tennessee has a history in football, South Carolina not so much. Tennessee has been a power in the SEC and USC can only dream of doing this. And even though UT is down right now, how long do you really think it’ll stay that way, really, how long?
    Yes, USC is becoming more of rival (if you wanna call them that) but that’s RIGHT NOW. I don’t see them staying close to the top too much longer in this Conference, thus not being a long term concern like UT.
    Now just to be clear, if you don’t view UT as a rival then that is your opinion. But please don’t compare them to USC. You’re giving USC way too much credit.
    (I never thought I’d see the day when I defended UT):p

  2. Of course, we’re assuming Muschamp would want to insult his alma mater. You know, the school that gave him a shot when Florida wouldn’t even meet with him regarding a walk on ?

  3. Why would Steve Spurrier want to insult his by doing a mocking Gator Chomp at the Florida band after the game?

  4. Muschamp didn’t live through that end zone BS as a Gator fan. I’d make a hefty bet that his childhood years in G’gville are trumped by his school pride. As a UGA alum he either loved it or was embarrassed by his team’s classlessness. Either way, he did not feel the sting in his gut, the utter rage, the disgust that we did. He probably thinks we should be/assumes we are over it, so I don’t see him taking the baton from Meyer, who had a way with getting across a key, classy “up yours”. I enjoy a good payback and agree that we are not even, but I’ll be just fine with Muschamp sticking to sticking it to ’em on the scoreboard. I would REALLY love it if we can do that to Auburn too. From having our number two years running, to their sumbitch kicker doing the chomp on our field in ’07, OH how we owe THEM!!

  5. Sticking it to them on the scoreboard would be fine and dandy with me, ad for the Auburn disaster, see Will the Curse of the Gator Chomp Loom on Auburn?

  6. I read every word of that when you posted it. I am pulling for your prediction! But being perhaps less realistic and definitely greedier … I want a blowout … and I want to return the favor of ’06 and be their first loss of the season.

  7. Auburn loses a lot, and should be much weakened, but they still have numerous weapons, namely Michael Dyer who is capable of keeping Auburn in it alone. I honestly believe Florida will win, because Urban Meyer had an issue beating teams from the SEC West… hopefully Muschamp won’t and I do believe Florida caught Auburn at the right time. The same way I think they caught Alabama at the right time next year… 2 starters from the 2009 BCS Championship team return and it’s in the Swamp. So that should be a good game though I’m not giving my pick away quite yet!!!

  8. Well, let’s see:

    His first win at the Swamp.

    His last visit there Urban Meyer, the guy who preaches respect and tradition for Gators past, ran up the score on him.

    Oh, and there was the matter of Foley demanding he INTERVIEW for the position when Zook got turfed, instead of just handing it to him. Foley was absolutely right to demand it, but you know Spurrier thought it was unreasonable and took it as a personal insult.

    That pretty much covers it.

  9. Tennessee is a rival if u ask me but that’s my opinion. After speaking with fans and boosters Muschamp will be ready to lay the BOOM on those UGA punks!

  10. Those are all good points, but if Muschamp is going to survive at Florida, he needs to put his biases aside. I’m not saying that he HAS to do something funny; I’m just saying that he should if he really wants support from people.

  11. If Muschamp has a 10 point lead on Georgia and someone busts a long run only to be tackled at a the 5 yard line with 1:30 remaining, I don’t think Gator nation is going to hold anything against him if he simply takes the knee.

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