Florida vs. Alabama: 10 predictions

1) Jake Coker will throw for less than 200 yards.

2) Kelvin Taylor will rush for at least 75 yards.

3) Treon Harris will complete fewer than 50% of his passes.

4) Derrick Henry will rush for at least 100 yards.

5) Alabama won’t score more than 30 points.

6) Florida will score a touchdown, somehow, some way.

7) Florida will put together a drive of 50 yards or more.

8) Alabama will force at least two turnovers.

9) Florida will run a trick play.

10) Alabama will win, but Florida will cover the 17.5 point spread.

Projection: Alabama 24, Florida 7

3 thoughts on “Florida vs. Alabama: 10 predictions

  1. I think you will do better this time than your predictions about the FSU game, where you only got two right. UF will win the game and will score at least three touchdowns. Alabama is a paper tiger that is highly overrated. Alabama’s defense is not as god as FSU’s, and UF will move the ball much better and also get some ‘chunk” plays that they were unable to get against FSU. After being bashed by Gator fans for no legitimate reason, it’s hard to throw the ball when you are being hit on almost every play like happened against FSU, Harris will make them look very stupid.
    Alabama is, as usual, being drooled over, without a legitimate reason. The bandwagon for Alabama began in earnest after they routed Georgia, something UF also did. As an Ohio State player astutely pointed out, Alabama’s has played a pretty weak schedule. Florida’s defense is, by far, the best defense Alabama has faces this year. UF should be able to burn Alabama; ‘s secondary. They are not nearly as good as FSU, and there isn’t any monsters like jalen Ramsey or Derwin James in it. Folks hyped them after the Texas A&M game, but the fact is that A&M’s quarterbacks seemed intent to emulate Jeff Driskel, Alabama’s secondary had nothing to do with their meltdown. The biggest worry I have is UF putting out mason Halter. He’s a scrub and was pancaked by an FSU safety, which is not good. UF needs to give him some help. I hear this hype about Alabama’s front seven, but aside from Reggie Ragland, they are not as good as FSU’s defensive front. FSU’s line dominated UF, that needs to change against Alabama.

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