Florida vs. FSU: 10 predictions

1) Treon Harris will throw for less than 150 yards.

2) Kelvin Taylor will rush for over 100 yards.

3) A Florida tight end will catch a touchdown pass.

4) Dalvin Cook will rush for under 100 yards.

5) Sean Maguire will be responsible for at least two turnovers.

6) Treon Harris will be also responsible for at least two turnovers.

7) Austin Hardin will make a field goal.

8) Florida and FSU will combine for under 500 yards of total offense

9) This will be even uglier than the 2011 Florida-FSU game.

10) Despite what could very well be a horrifically ugly game, you should still watch it because Florida will pull it out in the end. I think.

Projection: Florida 17, FSU 7

5 thoughts on “Florida vs. FSU: 10 predictions

  1. I think you are on drugs with your predictions about the running backs. FSU owns Taylor and Cook owns Florida. It’s not even fair to compare them since Taylor is a scrub and Cook is the best running back in college football. FSU will score, and often, while UF won’t score at all. FSU 38-0.

  2. Mathew, I think you and Niel will both be right about Hardin (make and miss).

    boeing, FSU’s offense is averaging 15 points on the road, and that is against ACC defenses. Against Florida they will probably only get 10.

    Florida 17-10

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