Florida, Wake Forest To Play in 2014 Orange Bowl Classic

I know, I know, we should focus on this year before we worry about next year. Especially when we’re chasing a national title. But there is one small piece of news that’s worth putting out.

Florida and Wake Forest will play in next year’s Orange Bowl Classic on December 20, 2014 in Sunrise, FL. The other game is Florida State and South Florida.

The Gators are perennial competitors in this event, but they typically don’t play anybody too strong in this game. In years past, Florida has played (from December 2013 going backwards) Fresno State, Air Force, Texas A&M, Kansas State, Richmond, Winthrop, Temple, and UAB, with only Richmond coming away with the victory.

It’s always the game right before Christmas break, and the reason the Gators always participate in the event is because the ridiculous NCAA rules do not allow the school to pay for student-athletes’ transportation home from the campus. But several schools found a loophole- nothing prevents the school from paying for players’ transportation home straight from a game. So the Gators travel to South Florida every year to play this one game and afterwards, the players go straight home.

In any case, it’s nice to see Florida schedule a relatively difficult opponent. Next year’s team is going to be younger than this one, and they could use the adversity test.

3 thoughts on “Florida, Wake Forest To Play in 2014 Orange Bowl Classic

  1. Wake Forest is trash. Florida should mop the floor with them. Think, we’ll have Kasey Hill, Chris Walker, Michael Frazier, and Dorian Finney-Smith back… plus a couple of new recruits coming in. We should still be a Tourney team next year, and I’m not sure Wake is even close to sniffing the Dance.

  2. Wow, perfect! The one year we’re going to be rebuilding and that’s the one year we actually get a decent team in the Orange Bowl. Don’t we also owe Kansas, Marquette and another AAC team return games next year? Then there’s the annual game with FSU, which also happens to be away. And I’m sure we’ll get some tough home games as well. This is not the year to schedule a gauntlet.

    1. Calm down. Kansas was part of the Big 12-SEC challenge, and Marquette was part of the Big East-SEC challenge two years ago- which is now defunct and replaced by the Big 12 as the SEC’s annual challenger, if that makes sense. I would think Florida would participate in it again, but there’s no guarantee it’s going to be Kansas, and there’s no guarantee it’s going to be an away game. And like Mark said above, Florida shouldn’t be too bad next year. Young, maybe, but talented.

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