Foley flies home without Jim McElwain

Two days of discussions with Jim McElwain have concluded with a verbal agreement to have McElwain coach the Gators, but without a contract being signed.

The main reason for the whole delay is McElwain’s Colorado State buyout. Jeremy Foley attempted to bring down the $7.5 million buyout to about $3 million, but Colorado State wouldn’t budge. Rumors of playing Colorado State in football to help with the buyout were also tossed out there, but the teams’ schedules don’t allow it until 2018 at the very earliest.

The funny thing is that Colorado State president Tony Frank publicly stated that the buyout could be reduced if McElwain left for a “dream job”. Yet despite the fact that a four year old could tell you that Florida fits any definition of a “dream job”, Frank and his fellow CSU higher-ups put their foot down. Not that I necessarily blame them for demanding the full buyout by itself- if they’re going to lose their coach, they may as well get their money’s worth- but putting that out there only to pull an about face on the matter is, objectively speaking, frustrating, highly unprofessional and flat out lying. If Frank wants the full $7.5 million, maybe he shouldn’t have said that in the first place.

But the point is that it’s a mere irritation, not something that will stop Foley from signing McElwain to a contract. Foley will get McElwain signed to a contract soon enough. Colorado State officials have already said that they expect McElwain to leave. Just hang in there. Florida will not be coach-less for long.

8 thoughts on “Foley flies home without Jim McElwain

  1. * CSU “Dream Job” Stipulation was verbal – not written in the contract

    * CSU will look very small if they back-out on this and it would be very bad for any future contracts – Florida will come up with the money and then where does it leave CSU? Who wants to deal with this?
    I signed a “Non-Compete” in a past job. Even with me being let go it was iron clad. I will not do that again. CSU needs to think long and hard or they will never get another decent coach.

    * We knew Foley was: Frugal, Cheap, Tight, Stringent… with initial signings and tend to reward success.

    *IF Foley DOES NOT sign McElwain it will GREATLY diminish Foley’s credibility – To save face, UF WILL sign McElwain.

    * I think the Schedule being untouchable until 2018 put a snag in this. Don’t be surprised if much of the$7.5 is given in the form of a “Donation” to CSU.

    1. Of course he did extend Muschamp twice in the off season after his first year so the whole rewarding success thing is questionable.

      Plus he threw Spurrier under the bus which helped contribute to his departure and possibly why big names stay away

  2. Verbal or written, who says Florida is HIS dream job? He is from Montana; pretty sure Florida wouldn’t have been mentioned during the dream job chat.

    People here are saying it would make CSU look small but what about Foley? The way this appears is that Foley thought that just by showing up, the seas would part because he is Jeremy Foley from Florida and the mere fact that Florida wants their coach is incentive enough to drop the buyout.

    The buyout should have been negotiated before a flight manifest was made.

    If he f@cks this up too…

  3. T you are brutal on Foley.

    CSU is negotiating without an AD. The “Verbal” may cost CSU a law Suit. Trying to save $7.5 mil may cost them $3-$4 mil. McElwain said that he and wife want the job. Sure he is an “Out West Boy” but he lived in Tuscaloosa for goodness sakes.

    And he’s gone: UF, Neb, MI… If not this year, SOON. He’ll be gone soon…Book it!

    Foley would not have gotten on a plane if he was not fairly certain that UF could pull this off.

    And T,

    Foley did keep Donavan. My point is, Foley tends to increase contracts later and Muscahamp did go 11-1 and was SEC Coach of the year in 2012.

    1. Urban Meyer lived in Utah. Got a job in Florida, yet he couldn’t wait to get back to Ohio. Just because someone lives somewhere for a period of time on account of a job, doesn’t mean he would choose that region over home.

      I am brutal on Foley because he has bungled the football program more than he has done right.

      The fact that they blocked flight tracking coming back home creates a horrible perception; it makes it LOOK like he is going home with his tail between his legs.

      Of course McElwain is gone; there is no way he WANTS to stay there.

      Regarding 2012, I think we can all agree that was a smoke screen – razor thin victories, fortuitous bounces, and shitting the bed when it mattered most (Georgia, Sugar Bowl). His high water mark was still a choking team.

      Regarding Donovan there was no pressure; Florida was not a basketball school. There was no real pressure to hit a home run; he just fell ass backwards into it.

      Regarding football, the REAL sport, here is his history:

      ~ Was partially responsible for driving away the legend he inherited from his predecessor.

      ~ Failed to have a plan b for when the legend would leave and had to settle on Zook

      ~ Failed to heed Meyer’s warnings about his departure and have a successor list ready.

      ~ Hired ANOTHER first time coach whose only administrative experience was sending the mighty Texas into mediocrity by negating their significant advantages in favor of playing BDWMFB

      ~ Seemingly hadn’t handled the buyout negotiations with CSU BEFORE hopping on a plane.

      There should be no negotiations now. Before he hopped on that plane, two things had to happen

      1. The buyout handled in advance on the condition they jive in the interview. If you are sure he is your guy, you get the numbers dealt with up front. If he impresses in the interview you..

      2. Present the offer had prepared in advance of your visit, in anticipation of a successful interview. If you value him, you know what you consider him to be worth. You have that ahead of time.

      The way it looks right now, on the surface, is that Foley thought that his mere presence and interest in their coach would be enough of a reason for them to drop the buyout, that Florida taking their coach would put them on the map in ways that a buyout can’t. That Florida has had two coaches with CSU backgrounds and CSU might get a reputation as a coaching breeding ground that will attract hot up and coming coaches.

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