Former Gator RB Mike Blakely Transfers to Auburn

Hey, Trooper. Couple guys wanna ask you a couple questions.

How much did you pay him?

Do you have an entire savings account dedicated to signing Florida transfers?

Is Bad Character Road a one way street from Gainesville to Auburn?

Well, as you may have guessed from either the title or the questions, former Gator running back Mike Blakely has transferred to Auburn, according to numerous recruiting website.

I could break this down about how it hurts Florida, but I can’t, because this entire chain of events just screams at me…


Seriously, this has trouble written all over it. Or even more accurately, this has “Cam Newton Instant Replay” written all over it.

It’s a minimal loss for Florida. Blakely was talented, but he was 5th on the depth chart when he asked for the release- only a few weeks after being on campus. Sure, most guys start on the bench somewhere, but not many start as 5th on the depth chart and become stars.

Then there’s the character issue. No, he did not throw a laptop out of a window, or cheat. He did something worse. He insulted the town of Gainesville- not a smart thing to do if you want to play for the local football team- who just so happens to be a tradition-rich SEC powerhouse that only three years ago won the BCS Championship. In a setting like this,¬†successful players and highly touted recruits¬†are adored, right? And you’re going to throw it right back in our faces?

Thanks, Mike. Thanks for letting us know we’re hot as Satan’s crotchpit because we don’t have any trees. Maybe one of your new tribe tried to retaliate against Alabama but was too dumb, as you’ll find many Auburn fans are, to understand the difference between Alabama and Florida. The only similarity between us is that we both played in the SEC Championship game in 2008 and 2009. You’ll fit in perfectly if all Barners are as dumb as you.

It’s Cam Newton all over again, I’m 85-90% sure. Good player, bad person, shows his colors and leaves Florida, gets paid by Auburn, and turns out to be a fantastic player instead of a good one. I’d start digging out all those pages of Cam Newton jokes, and simply change Newton to Blakely, if I were you guys.

I could be wrong, because I’m human. I’ll concede that. I could be 100% off. But something about the way this played out gives me a gut instinct that says something is rotten in Denmark.

Or, in this case, Auburn.

9 thoughts on “Former Gator RB Mike Blakely Transfers to Auburn

  1. I’m not to concerned about this personally. I mean it’s interesting that he decided to go to Auburn but seriously what does it matter? If Auburn likes eating our table scraps then let’em. Plus the guy is not going to become the second coming of Cam Newton as he is not talented enough. Let him go.
    By the way Neil, nice use of Hamlet in the write up. Gives it a little bit of style.:)

  2. I dont think he’s a bad guy heck I will even say he’s a good guy. He just wants to play in the spread and the best spread. Who has the best spread attack? Auburn. This was a business move just like with Cam. By the way Neil if you knew Cam you would he is a great person.

  3. I was just telling a friend yesterday that Auburn goes through our trash can every year. Neil you should write one about the players that got away.

  4. Doesn’t surprise me one bit that blakely was a bad seed and wouldn’t pan out for Florida…ever since I read his comments. About the. US army all-star game being a big waste of his time…I knew this kid had an ego the size of texas…obviously he didn’t like how muschamp was making him earn his playing time…

  5. ATL, I admit it is possible that he learned his lesson from his mistakes. It’s just that since being jailed, he’s won a Heisman, 2 National Championships (one at JUCO) and was the #1 pick

  6. See that’s what I’m worried about. Nobody thought Newton was anything special either. The last time they ate our table scraps they won it all. If Janoris Jenkins somehow goes to Auburn, we’ll know something’s up.

  7. Word on the street is Jenkins will do Valdosta St. or Alabama St. I personally hopes he goes to VSU, I have family there and I would love to see him dominant that kiddy league.

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