FSU 27, Florida 2, first thoughts

Florida’s been flirting with disaster the last month, and they did it one too many times against FSU this past weekend. Here’s how FSU won their third straight in Gainesville:

It was over when… Dalvin Cook scored on a 15 yard run to make the score 20-2 with six minutes left. That was more than enough.

Play of the game… Florida’s Cece Jefferson forced a fumble from Sean Maguire deep in FSU’s own territory, and after what seemed like hours of the ball bouncing around, FSU fell on it in the end zone for a safety. The Gators’ failure to fall on it and get themselves a touchdown deprived them of a spark they so desperately needed, and FSU recovered from the near fatal flaw to win convincingly.

Game ball goes to… Kelvin Taylor. Lost amid an otherwise horrific offensive performance, Taylor turned in one of his best games as a Gator, carrying 24 times for 136 yards. But to be fair, he’d probably sink the ball into the Gulf of Mexico if someone tried to give it to him.

Stat of the game… 162. The Noles gained just 162 yards of total offense through the game’s first 52 minutes- up until the 7:46 mark of the fourth quarter, to be exact. If Florida had an actual quarterback running the offense, they would have paid dearly for that. The Gators’ defense finally got tired and let FSU rack up 142 more yards and 14 more points in the second half of the fourth quarter- but think how different the game could have been if Florida had a legitimate leader at the controls.

What to be proud of… Florida’s defense hung in there for a lot longer than I expected, repeatedly squashing FSU momentum for the game’s first three and a half quarters. That’s the biggest positive I could find in a game mostly devoid of them.

What to work on… It’s time to find another QB. Saying Treon Harris sucks, is awful, is horrendous, etc. doesn’t really do justice to just how detrimental he is to this football team. Using Harris is like giving the other team an extra player; i.e. it’s like playing 10 vs. 12. I refuse to believe Josh Grady or even Jacob Guy, used to the coaches’ level of comfort with them, could possibly have such a negative impact in an SEC Championship Game and/or a high profile bowl game.

Bottom line: Treon Harris’s various deficiencies have finally cost Florida a game. But it’s still worth looking at the big picture: Jim McElwain has won the SEC East in his first season, something Will Muschamp couldn’t do in any of his four seasons, and he did so despite having to use the worst Gator quarterback in a recent string of bad ones for half the season. Help is on the way: Oregon State transfer Luke Del Rio is eligible next year, Florida just snatched Feleipe Franks away from LSU and Will Grier’s suspension is lifted after the first six games of next year. All we have to do is hang on for two more games with Harris, and things will begin to improve shortly thereafter

Scoring recap:

1st 2nd 3rd 4th Final
FLA ST 0 10 3 14 27
FLORIDA 0 0 0 2 2

Scoring plays:

Team Time Play FSU FLA
FLA ST 2nd 12:11 R. Aguayo 45 yd FG 3 0
FLA ST 2nd 7:47 J. Kerr 1 yd pass from S. Maguire (PAT GOOD) 10 0
FLA ATL 3rd 5:21 R. Aguayo 51 yd FG 13 0
FLORIDA 4th 8:58 SAFETY- fumble recovered in end zone 13 2
FLA ST 4th 6:17 D. Cook 15 yd run (PAT GOOD) 20 2
FLA ST 4th :20 D. Cook 29 yd run (PAT GOOD) 27 2

4 thoughts on “FSU 27, Florida 2, first thoughts

  1. The FSU game has no bearing whatsoever on what I’m about to say. All it did was give us a preview of what’s to come. So, here goes.

    Florida is going to lose, and lose BIG, to Alabama. UF will have no offensive response to Alabama’s onslaught. The defense will play admirably well for a half. But it will get very ugly in the second half.
    Henry will be held in check for 40 minutes, but the wheels will come off late. Bama will pull away and perhaps set a new SECcg margin of victory, which I believe is currently 39 points.
    If UF scores, it will most likely be single digits. Only if the defense gets a score or two will it be respectable.

    Coach Mac has worked wonders with this club. He’s maintained the defense while coaxing respectability out of a truly pathetic offense. Losing Grier started this tailspin they’re now in. And it won’t stop on Saturday. Could get worse.

    They’ll have 4 weeks to prep for a bowl. And they’re gonna need every minute of every day leading up to it to find a way to score points. After all, they still have recruits to impress.

    No matter what, I’ll tune in Saturday. I’ll hope they play with poise and don’t quit until there are zeros on the clock. I won’t fault the staff, I won’t fault the game plan, I won’t really fault the players. After all, they’re college kids doing the best they can. And their best got them to Atlanta. I’m proud of them. We should all be proud no matter the outcome.

  2. This team is dogshit and they made it to Atlanta. Just imagine what’ll happen when Mac gets a good team.

  3. I continue to be amazed at how delusional some fans are. To blame treon Harris is just stupid. To claim he’s the worst quarterback UF has trotted out since Tebow is stupid. UF played about as well as they are capable of on offense, defense, and special teams. I think it would have been much, much worse if UF had a clown like Driskel or Brantley at quarterback. Multiple turnovers from those guys would have led to a fifty something to nothing game.
    What most of you fail to grasp is the fact that FSU continues to be one of the best teams in college football. Even if they were the youngest, and least experienced team in college football to start the season, at the end of the season they are still a far superior team to Florida.
    Harris is as good, or better, than any quarterback UF has faced this year, except for the FSU and Ole Miss quarterbacks. The fantasy that Will Grier was a good quarterback is not based on anything real. The great comeback against Tennessee only happened because Grier was mediocre most of the game. He was horrible against Missouri for almost the entire game. He’s a good quarterback because of the Ole Miss game? At least Harris, except for one game, actually comes out to play, unlike the lying and cheating Grier. UF has sucked at quarterback for six years now, and Tim Tebow has used up his eligibility. Now the delusional among us will start crowing about Franks and Allen. Guess what? Both of them are not any more touted than Brantley, Driskel, Grier, Harris, etc. Coaching? Florida had had three head coaches, various offensive coordinators, etc. Now we have a guy who tells us not to worry, he could win with his dog at quarterback. But, here we are, and the Gators are again in triple digits on offense, a place they seem to have reserved for themselves the past six years.
    Another thing that amazes me is that the whiners have given up hope of beating Alabama. Have any of you even watched Alabama play this year? They are not as good as FSU. UF will move the ball on Alabama and will score enough points to win. The key to the game is not stopping Henry. Henry will get yards, but yards are not what wins games. The specific time, and place, those yards are gained are what determines winners and losers. UF gained yards against FSU, but when it mattered, FSU stopped UF. I think UF can, and will, beat Alabama. The key to beating Alabama is to make Coker throw from the pocket. Florida can, and will win, if they do two things. One, cover Ridley. If that means using double coverage, do it. The second thing is to not let Coker improvise. That means keeping him in the pocket and making him go through his progressions. The defensive players need to refrain from trying to get a big hit on Coker. He’s too big and strong, and the odds are that if you try to lay a big hit on him, you are just going to bounce off, and Coker will escape and create a huge play with his legs or his arm. IF you get to Coker, try to tackle him, not hurt him. IF you can’t tackle him, grab a leg or whatever other body part you can grasp and hang on until reinforcements come. Do these two things and I’m confident UF can score enough points to win. Coker will make a mistake, or two, and unlike Auburn, who dropped a pick six, UF needs to make him pay when he does.
    UF can, and I predict they will beat Alabama. I know you won’t accept this, but losing to FSU should not have surprised anyone. FSU beats almost everyone. That’s just the way it is. I don’t know if that’s going to change either. This was the year to get FSU. Fisher isn’t going anywhere, and, as reflected by his 5-1 record against UF, he’s a better coach than McElwain.

    1. I also believe we will beat Bama… We beat Ole Miss and they beat Bama. These games all come down to coaching and McElwain is a product of Sabin…

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