Fun Fact: Gators Are College Football’s Winningest Program Since 1990

You learn something new every day.

Today’s lesson: since Steve Spurrier stepped on Gainesville soil for the time since being anointed head Gator in 1990, the Gator football program has won more games than any other team in the country. That’s right, more than Nebraska, more than FSU, more than Michigan, more than Oregon, more than Ohio State, and more than Miami.

And, though this may surprise you, way, way, WAY more than both Alabama and Auburn.

Here’s the full list of the top ten:

Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 1.32.52 AM

The purpose of this isn’t really to serve as a taunting point against other fan bases (though I certainly wouldn’t have a problem with that given the hell I’ve had to endure from FSU fans over the past several months), but rather as a reminder that the University of Florida has quite a proud football tradition. In times of hardship on the football field, a typical response has been to play┬áthe #EverythingSchool card- which is certainly a valid point, as I like sports in general, and┬álove basketball and baseball in particular.

But let’s not deflect away from our football program. Florida has won more football games than any other school in the country since 1990. And so we should be proud of that fact, and even prouder of the fact that we own this destination despite a horrible season last year. So if an FSU fan says, “4-8”, now we as a collective fan base can say, “Yeah? Guess what, we’e the winningest program of the last quarter century despite that.”

We may be an #EverythingSchool. But since 1990, we have the best football program in the country.

One thought on “Fun Fact: Gators Are College Football’s Winningest Program Since 1990

  1. “But since 1990, we have the best football program in the country.”
    Umm, that’s a bit of a stretch. FSU actually has more total wins since 1990, but had some removed by the NCAA. They also have a better record vs ranked teams, a better bowl record, the same number of national championships, more top 5 finishes, and if that’s not enough… they have the head-to-head. I’m not sure how you’re coming to the conclusion that UF has been the better program. All they have is the 5 more total wins, which only happened after FSU had 12 removed by the NCAA.

    Kinda weak…

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