Future Gators Out of Conference Opponents List

A lot of the Florida Gators’ future opponents have been either rumored or announced within the last couple of weeks. * = rumored/not official/still in negotiating stage. I’m not going to include FSU, because that’s obvious.

Among the big ones: Florida’s return trips to Miami in 2013 (which could be the last time these schools play for a long time) and South Florida in 2015, and a big neutral site kickoff game in Dallas against Michigan. I know, I can’t believe Florida’s finally’s going to leave the state for a non conference game, either.


Week 1- Bowling Green

TBA- Jacksonville State


Week 1- Toledo

Week 2- @Miami (FL)

TBA- Georgia Southern


Week 1- Idaho

Week 2- Eastern Michigan*

TBA- Eastern Kentucky


TBA- South Florida*

TBA- New Mexico State*

TBA- Florida Atlantic


TBA- North Texas*

TBA- UMass*

Week 1- Michigan (Cowboys Stadium Kickoff Classic)
No games announced
No games announced
TBA- Georgia Southern*
That’s all for now, until more becomes available.

8 thoughts on “Future Gators Out of Conference Opponents List

  1. I so glad that we play Miami again in 2013. We’ll shut those loud mouth bastards up [b]HARD[/b].

  2. No those loud mouth bastards will never shut up. Case in point: 26-3.

    Too bad we do not have any other games planned against them for the foreseeable future.

  3. lol Yeah he definitely could schedule tougher out of conference games. But seeing how we play in the SEC I don’t mind it all that much.

  4. The biggest proponents of Florida’s ooc schedule being a joke are usually USC fans and Miami fans.

    Here’s the problem; USC and Miami schedule theirs early so they have time to recover. Plus, USC schedules the likes of Virginia. Florida ends each regular season vs FSU – putting everything on the line by ENDING your season with your arch rival in an OOC game is gutsier than playing Virginia early.

    “Florida never travels out of the state” That’s right and you know what that mean ? It means when it’s time for them be the home team in the OOC series, their opponent doesn’t have to to leave the state ie the whole road weary thing doesn;t apply to their opponents either.

    At the end of the day, Florida is a public school while USC and Miami are private. Totally different set of circumstances and challenges.

    I once argued with a Miami fan and I said “why the hell would Foley do Miami any favors ? Miami is a private school with no fan base to speak of. Unless someone like Trump offers each school 10 million dollars, the Gators would lose money playing Miami and they’d be helping Miami more than themselves, a team with no fambase.

    His response ? “No fanbase? The last time the Gators hosted Miami, it was an attendance record and the last time they visited Miami, the house was packed”

    My response was “so, the team that’s sold out every week packed a few extra in in when Miami came to town. And when the team that’s sold out every week went to Miami, the stadium that’s normally only 1/2-2/3 full was packed. Was that you trying to say Miami actually brings something to the table financially ?”

    They’re idiots. Foley runs a business that’s a component of a public school.

  5. Thanks coach, with a schedule like the SEC why in the world would Foley be stupid enough to make our games tougher!? I dont care what those other clown schools say our schedule is tougher than most and what would we gain from making it tougher? Another point we have never had a undefeated season let’s focus on that before we make it tougher.

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