Gator Basketball Team Selected To Participate in 2014 Battle 4 Atlantis Tournament

Finally, a little something to smile about in Gator land.

Screen Shot 2013-12-05 at 11.18.39 AMThe fact that at least UF’s basketball program has enough prestige to land a spot in the 2014 version of Battle 4 Atlantis, a yearly pressure-free early season tournament played in the Bahamas, is definitely something to feel good about. The fourth annual Battle 4 Atlantis tournament promises to be the most high caliber early tournament in a sport that’s filled with them.

Joining the Gators in terms of highlighting the field are two of college basketball’s biggest names: the Bruins of UCLA and the Tar Heels of North Carolina. The rest of the field isn’t too shabby either: Wisconsin, Georgetown, Butler, Oklahoma and UAB.

The Battle 4 Atlantis is basically an eight team, three round tournament, single elimination, with plenty of consolation rounds for the losing teams. The tournament provides teams the opportunity to play out consolation brackets to determine who finishes in 3rd place, 5th place and 7th place, with the losers taking one place lower than the winner. All that really means is that every team will get an opportunity to play three games in a neutral court setting, which is great practice for March.

Villanove won the event this year, with Duke and Harvard winning the previous two.

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