Gator Gadgets: Excellent Assistant Coaches

After watching Steve Addazio run the 2010 Gators into the ground, a fair question has popped up.

Was Florida’s success due to Urban Meyer, or to his assistants?

But this inspires more questions.

Was Addazio that bad, or was Mullen that good?

Is John Brantley this bad, or was Tim Tebow that phenomonal?

One at a time.

The simple answer for the first two is both.

Urban Meyer’s brain, instead of having little chromosomes, had little x’s and o’s in it. He was a planning genius, an innovating mastermind. By far, Urban Meyer was the best innovator I’ve ever seen in sports.

Florida’s success under Mullen came because Meyer shared his brilliant brainstorms with Mullen. Together, the two of them would sit down and eventually work out the little kinks in it (because let’s face it, very few if any ideas are perfect when raw, and not thought out).

After it was stapled into the offense, it became a regular play. Mullen would call it every once in awhile, and Meyer would just sit back and watch it.

So let’s get something straight: Meyer is the great innovating genius, Mullen was the excellent play-caller.

With Mullen and Meyer, Florida introduced a totally new version of the triple option, the jump pass, the shovel pass, the tight end reverse… it just went on and on.

With Addazio… why bother? Let’s just say that I could call a more effective drive by randomly calling plays out of a hat. Even if Meyer did come up with something while his heart was burning, Addazio would never use it. He was about as comfortable calling trick plays as a Mormon would be getting a lap dance. He had the flagrant misconception that in order to throw the ball vertically, he needed to do something funky.

We all agree, he sucked.

So, just like you need to have a child, it takes two different kinds of people. It takes a creative brainstormer and an excellent play-caller to make magic happen on the field, and it takes… you know.

But one without the other is no good, as the Wizard of Daz showed us.

Addazio was that infertile partner who was in charge of delivering to Meyer’s creating, while Mullen delivered big time in his four years at Florida.

So it was definitely a combo.

As for Tebow, I’m not going to lie. He was the best college football player of all time, and although there are some people with a legitimate argument, Tebow stands tall above all.

But John Brantley has lots of work to do, as we know.

This comes back to the coaches. Can Charlie Weis wring the type of production out of him that he elicited from Tom Brady?

Oh and by the way, it wasn’t just Mullen. Urban Meyer has a coaching tree in the same conversation as Nick Saban.

Kyle Whittingham, Utah (2005- present)

Dan Mullen, Mississippi State (2009- present)

Charlie Strong, Louisville, (2010- present)

Dan McCarney, North Texas (2011- present)

Steve Addazio (HOW????), Temple (2011-present)

Clearly Meyer’s assistants had pretty impressive careers.

And by the way, Will Muschamp has hauled in an impressive coaching staff.

Including Charlie Weis, who is the best of Mullen and Meyer in a pro offense.

6 thoughts on “Gator Gadgets: Excellent Assistant Coaches

  1. Neil:

    Please take this in love I think you missed the mark on this one. It is true that Urban’s coaches were studs with the Spread Option & the D but their a few things I think we are overlooking.
    The Spread Option MUST, I’ll say it again, must have a SUPERIOR athlete (Not just a good QB) at the helm in order to have it work in the SEC. (Tebow, Cam…). And do you remember the “O” in 2009? It was the “D” and pure TEBOW that allowed us to get to Atlanta
    And let’s face it, Urban & his coaches would not adapt as promised in 2010. There was almost no development for Cam, Tebow’s throwing motion, Brantley, Trey’s throwing motion, Reed’s knowledge…..
    The O line went backwards even with all the seniors. The D line had no pass rush. The receiver routes? And let’s talk penalties and mistakes, that’s coaching.

  2. 1. Never mind Tom Brady. Brady is amazing. Can he wring even half a Brady Quinn type season out of him. I say no. We need Mitchum Huntsberger to sit him down and deliver the old “ya just ain’t got it kid”

    2. Tebow is ARGUABLY the best ever. For arguments sake I would reference you to:

    Harvin, Percy
    Frazier, Tommy
    Young, Vince

  3. Neil thank you for the good insight into Meyer and his staff. Answered some questions that I had rolling around.

  4. Perhaps it was a mistake, but perhaps McCarney’s inclusion in a list of coordinators is because he had HC experience before and is part of the tree who are HCs now.

    Regardless, Weis is the QB coach so that’s covered. Aubrey Hill’s credentials speak for themselves.

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