Gators Bleaux Out Tigers HAHAHA We Kid They Fight For Their Lives Again

Over the past week, there have been quite a few highly ranked teams willing to put on a clown act for the viewers, and many of them lost. Florida was perfectly willing to accept LSU’s invitation to join them, and thus, pulled out another nightmare over an inferior team.

Admit it, LSU fought for their lives. Respect them for that. Shake their hand and honestly say, good game. For a young team, they never gave up and played extremely hard. Ralston Turner in particular, along with Malcolm White, played very well.

That still doesn’t excuse some of the less than perfect and more than frightening clinic on self destruction the Gators displayed in LSU’s home court.

There was free throw shooting that reminded me of football. Seriously, I honestly thought that John Brantley just threw another incompletion on a third down and 12 to a slot receiver running a hitch route, and that it got broken up. Really, it was Vernon Macklin clanking a free throw that went boing off the rim and sent chills down my body.

Then there was the inability to finish. Numerous tipped balls either got swatted away by a Tiger or went out of bounds. Macklin and Alex Tyus each had a shot at tipping one back in- but instead they both went for the hero slam dunk, and each embarrassingly missed and the ball clanked off the rim and went elsewhere.

Finally, there was the crazy train of thought that says: when the other team has the momentum, and their crowd is behind them, stoke their fire by lifting up rediculous three balls after killing all 5 seconds that are on the play clock.

That’s right, Florida played the last 10 minutes like the shot clock contained 5 seconds rather than 35. What-the-hell-is-wrong-with-you-what-are-you-doing three pointers were lobbed up from as far away as the L on the midcourt logo, and those were coupled with I-am-doing-this-because-on-the-2-percent-chance-I-make-this-the-crowd-will-shut-up shots.

And guess what happened?

Instead of slowing the game down, killing the clock and limiting the Tigers’ possessions, Florida ran the dive play, fumbled and punted. Oh, I’m sorry, I forgot this was basketball. It just looked so much like the offense Steve Addazio misguided in his wonderful tenure as bomb-operator at UF. You know, with the Gators possessing the ball for about 10 seconds only to give it up without making a legitimate effort to score?

Yes, we played without Chandler Parsons, but this was a game where we shouldn’t have needed him. Our free throw shooting and our inability to close games will be our downfall. Wait, that sounds familiar. Yeah, I’ve heard that before.

That’s probably because Ryan mentioned it a couple weeks ago, and the fact that it is still our bugaboo is, to be blunt, NOT GOOD. The Gators will probably face a team with this level of talent in the first round of the NCAA tournament. I’m saying the Gators get a 4 seed, and they’ll draw someone like, say, Old Dominion in the first round as the 13 seed and it’ll be another heart stopper like this and Florida will probably lose.

I said it.

Bob Wischusen, stick to calling Jets games on the radio because you don’t know basketball that well or you wouldn’t be calling the Gators “consistent” and “clearly the class of the SEC”.

Well, actually, take that back, the Gators are consistent. They consistently wind up in nail biters like this one, whether it be against Kentucky or Jacksonville, they are consistent in getting their name on the score alert for various sports channels. They are consistent at misfiring on their free throws, they are consistent in launching no chance three pointers, yes, in those ways they are very consistent.

As for the clearly class of the SEC comment… let’s watch the last four games and then we’ll talk about that some more.

But if you’re a glass half full kind of guy, then look at it like this: the Gators pulled off another SEC road win without their best player.

4 thoughts on “Gators Bleaux Out Tigers HAHAHA We Kid They Fight For Their Lives Again

  1. This is frightening!!! If UF can’t put LSU away, what are they going to do against tournament teams?

  2. I understand what you’re saying, but I would have been much more concerned with this if Chandler had played. But don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t particularly happy with how they played yesterday.

  3. We should have crushed them, I actually stopped watching after halftime because I knew it was blowout time. When I turned back I could’ve had a heart attack, we have to close better.

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