Gators Have Pieces in Place For Instant Turnaround

Before every season of college football, better than half the teams in country have loud trash talking fans. You know the type; they dominate the internet chat rooms with nothing more than irrelevant, incorrect, and downright BS posts. All they do is list names, and then give a weak explanation of why they will be awesome.

I hate that.

Having stated that just two sentences ago, I am admittedly one of those fans. The difference is, there’s real meaning to what I say.

We’re Florida. We’ve got 3 national championships and 8 SEC Championships all in the last 20 years. We are the hottest team in the nation in that span.

What does this mean?

It means we’ll always have a talented team.

As you may have heard, there was this guy- what was his name- Ryan?- that may have started some website calling for some moron’s firing because he wasn’t an adequate coach for us.

Oh, yeah. That guy was Ryan Moyer, and that moron was Steve Addazio. And one of Addazio’s faults (the 5 things that make Addazio awful) was his inability to develop talent. As Ryan said, “Carl Moore is an NFL wide receiver who is going to miss out on millions of dollars because Addazio continues to misuse him”.

Carl Moore?

That’s one of the lesser examples.

How about Tim Tebow, who if not for a mass nuclear bombing of Big Least (default) champion Cincinnati would have seen his numbers for his senior season drop lower than ever before (aside from obviously his freshman year)?

Really, think about it. Coming into his senior season, Tebow had a Heisman, two national championships, 2 SEC Championships and a slew of other awards.

Was he able to add any after the 2009 season?

No, he wasn’t.

Why not?

The short answer is that Addazio blew the whole season by sending Florida into a Tide of doom by having Tebow either throw or run in 5 wide formations. One run to Demps, one to Rainey, one to James, that was all, blah blah blah we know we’ve seen this before.

But what about the rest of the season?

After Dan Mullen left, the very first thing Urban Meyer should have done was to hire the best QB mind available. Because as awesome as Tebow was- is- there were some holes in his game. I’m sure they’re familiar, but I’ll list them again.

1) Dropped the ball too low on release, carrying risk of strip.

2) Release time was too long, carrying risk of defender picking him off due to extra second of getting there.

3) Tendency to try too hard and try to do too much.

4) Never worked under center.

5) Didn’t know when to put touch on passes or when to fire bullets.

 Knowing Tebow’s work ethic, and desire to do whatever it would take to win, if somebody tells him not to do these things, he wouldn’t. I think we can all agree on that.

So let’s see how many of these issues Meyer’s genius Addazio addressed.

1) A problem all season. Even though Tebow could escape pressure most of the time, and even though he had great blocking, announcers almost always pointed out that this was a problem, and could cost Florida. And it was brushed off by Addazio as a problem- “Tim’s doing great. He’s got nothing we have to fix now”. This came from the same guy who said that Mike Pouncey graded out as a champion. And a year before Champion Pouncey gave John Brantley his own personal infield practice, our 3 member all-American offensive line finally broke down (note: Addazio was our o-line coach, too), Tebow was stripped by Jake Bequette of Arkansas.

2) See the pick 6’s by Johnthan Banks if you need actual evidence. They weren’t the only evidence but they’re the epitome of this issue.

3) All season, Tebow would try to do too much. But he couldn’t keep taking hits at that rate, and two weeks after the Kentucky episode, there was Tebow going this way, then that, then back again. It worked the first time for an 8 yard gain. Not the second time, or the third. In the Tennessee game, Tebow should have taken the hint from the collapsed pocket that the chances of a successful play were slim, and thrown the ball away. But he tried to force one to Thompson, and Eric Berry picked it off. And against FSU, Tebow decided to take Nigel Bradham for a ride by his facemask. I loved it- until Greg Reid stripped him.

4) This severly limited the formations that Florida could use. It killed them against Alabama, and Tebow had to kill himself in the offseason to get used to it.

5) It wasn’t really an issue until the SEC Championship, but it was the final shot that killed UF’s title hopes. Tebow had a touchdown to Aaron Hernandez had he lobbed it but he threw a laser instead. Interception by Javier Arenas. Game over. SEC Championship dreams over. BCS Championship dreams over.

It wasn’t just Tebow, either.

Deonte Thompson Deonte Thompson #6 of the Florida Gators attempts to make a reception during the game against the Charleston Southern Buccaneers at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium on September 5, 2009 in Gainesville, Florida.There is no excuse for losing at home to a then awful Arkansas team that would eventually lose to East Carolina in the Liberty Bowl. Yet that is exactly what happened, except for the fact that the officials gave Florida some MAJOR breaks that paved the way for a win. The worst was Ramon Broadway’s phantom interference on Deonte Thompson.

Deonte Thompson.


Who caught a 77 yard TD pass in that game, which was more yards than he accounted for the ENTIRE REGULAR SEASON AGAINST BCS TEAMS.

Don’t believe me?

Check it out for yourselves.

Against LSU, Mississippi State, Georgia, Vanderbilt, South Carolina, and Florida State, Thompson put up 11, 19, 17, 16, 0 and 13 for a grand total of 76 yards (He did not play against Tennessee or Kentucky).

But this isn’t a rip on Thompson parade. It’s a rip on Addazio parade- in what world does the team’s #1 receiver have stats like those?

A world in which Addazio leads the team.

As much as repetitive, predictable and downright awful play-calling played a part in that, it was the misuse of Thompson all season. We all know that he’s a playmaker with questionably reliable hands. He should be running the deep patterns, and somebody ELSE should be running hitch routes.

Now go back to that link. Look at Thompson’s yardage total. Look at his longest reception. Subtract that number from his yardage total and subtract one from his reception total.

Don’t those new numbers sicken you?

Can you tell what kinds of routes Thompson was running from those new numbers?

But Thompson isn’t the only one that suffered from Addazio’s ineptitude.

Brantley, Demps, Rainey, Hammond, Debose, Hines and Mack Brown were all heavily recruited, yet they were all either mysteriously injured or busted.

Let me explain that.

Players that don’t pledge their love to the dive play pamphlet that I talked about didn’t play for Addazio. For good reason, fans get extremely pissed off when they hear this. So Addazio decreed that all players who did not use the dive play pamphlet (read: Harry Potter sized novel) as a condom would be known as “sprained ankle game time decisions”.

The exceptions to the dive play thing were Brantley and Rainey. We know what happened to Rainey, although I would not be shocked to learn that Addazio stole Rainey’s phone and sent the text himself. This would be an attempt for Addazio to maintain longer drives by killing the possibility of the home run, and we all know what he does when Florida has the ball.

He wacks off.

But with Brantley, it gets interesting. After the Kentucky game, Brantley went into Addazio’s office and demanded that he immediately purchase an Xbox 360 and Madden 2011. When Addazio asked why, Brantley told him that he should just ask Madden for every playcall. That way, Stevio’s entire playbook would not be completely finished after one drive. Addazio got pissed and purposely killed Brantley’s season by running even worse play calls and by getting him slaughtered. Thus, the Brantley option was born.


What better explanation could there possibly be?

Has this gotten you pissed off all over again?

Sorry, but that was the point.

It was to get you to realize one final time just how bad Addazio was.

Now that I’m finished hammering on that point, let’s go to our players’ point of view.

They’re loaded with talent. As in packed to the rafters with talent.

About 90% of the time, high school stars don’t pan out because of either bad coaching or injuries. Brantley could be part of that 10% but I just can’t believe that after watching high school film of him. If he gets his confidence back, he will be a terror for opposing defenses. I mean, he’s already demonstrated that he CAN do anything that Tom Brady can. He threw two beautiful deep balls against Florida International back in 2009 on his fourth and ninth passes of the game, each for TD’s to Frankie Hammond and Justin Williams. And he made an NFL throw against Georgia to Deonte Thompson this past year. We know he’s capable of being an elite Florida and NFL QB; he just has to regain his confidence, go out and do it.

We’ve got speed. Demps, Rainey, Debose and Thompson are all speed demons. They all run a sub 4.4 40 and Demps has run a 9.96 100 meter dash.

We’ve got tackle shakers. Whether it’s Rainey, Gillislee or Debose with a juke or spin, or Mack Brown with a shoulder plow, we’ve got guys that can make one defender miss and turn a minimal gain into a 20 yard pickup. Hell, even Demps can break tackles at a rate far higher than his size suggests.

We’ve got explosive receivers. Deonte Thompson is only one member of a party that includes, Hammond, Debose, Hines, Jordan Reed, Burton, AC Leonard could step up, Chris Rainey could see some time at slot receiver, it goes on and on forever.

We’ve got a young but very physical front 7. Sharrif Floyd, Ronald Powell, Jelani Jenkins and Jon Bostic were extremely sought after recruits, and Will Muschamp seems to be much better than Teryl Austin at developing previously unheard of players. Wait; these players ARE heard of. Let’s see if these guys become Brian Orakpos and Sergio Kindles. I know they’re every bit as talented as them.

We’ve got a very active secondary. The losses of Ahmad Black and Janoris Jenkins do sting, but not when you look and see how nicely Jeremy Brown has come along as our top corner, lessening our need for a safety. But it only lessens the need so much- and that’s where Matt Elam can step in. Cody Riggs and Jaylen Watkins seem just as read to step up.

And we’ve got great special teams. Andre Debose will likely return kicks along with Jeff Demps and Chris Rainey, and Debose may return punts along with Rainey. These guys all excelled last year and to some degree, special teams was our best offense. They had their own playbook, and it was much better than Addazio’s napkin with three plays on it. Even their conservative play- taking a knee in the end zone- was better than Addazio’s best play. At least it gained 20 yards every time. But Meyer loved big returns more, and Florida had plenty of them to set up the nonoffense time and again in good field position. I mean, in good position for Chas Henry to nail a coffin corner bomb.

So here we are, with at least half of our roster to be future NFL players, and we have no expectations outside of Gainesville. South Carolina and Georgia are the favorites by a good percentage to win the East, and the handful of people that have Florida winning the East immediately give them zero chance to compete with the West winner.

Can you say Auburn 2004, Georgia 2007, Florida 2008 and South Carolina 2010? All of these teams had similar expectations to what this year’s Gators face along with the hidden talent. The results: SEC (and deserved national) Champions, Sugar Bowl Champions, National Champions, and SEC East Champions.

The 2011 Gators should be the next team on this list.

I’ll give you guys a full game by game breakdown soon, but right now, I think double digit wins is a perfectly reasonable goal for Year 1 under Muschamp. I’m thinking we go 5-3 in conference, win the division by default, lose the SEC Championship to Arkansas, which puts us in the Capital One Bowl where we’ll beat Nebraska.

That makes us 10-4, which, yes, is a mere two games better than last year but we get a much harder schedule this year. We start easy, as always, with FAU, UAB, Tennessee and Kentucky. The last 8 games are always the toughest, but this year, we get Alabama, then go to LSU, then go to Auburn in three straight weeks. After a bye, Georgia, cupcake Vandy, @South Carolina, cupcake Furman and then FSU.

Considering those latter two thirds, 10-4 would be very good.

Taking a deeper look at our schedule, I see four problem games- Alabama, @LSU, vs. Georgia and FSU, three trap games- @Auburn, @South Carolina and Tennessee, and five easy wins- FAU, UAB, @Kentucky, Vanderbilt and Furman.

Of our major games, the ones I have not broken down are Alabama, LSU and FSU. Those are coming up in separate posts sometime soon, but in the meantime, let’s set goals for the season, and see how many we achieve.


1) Brantley throws for 3,000 yards

A difficult, yet reachable goal for John Brantley, who needs to regain his confidence and the golden arm that won him the High School National Player of the Year. This has become a cliche for Gator fans throughout the offseason- if anybody can do it, Charlie Weis can. Ryan did a great job showing you Weis’ track record about four months ago. Now let’s see if he can add one more name to the list.

2) Team wins turnover battle by a 3:1 ratio

This looks harder than it is. Figure that the Gators force at least two against their three cupcakes, and it becomes much easier to see in sight. This lies with Brantley even more than the defense- if the nasty, heralded D that Muschamp brings in forces 3 turnovers all year but Brantley is extremely accurate and makes one bad mistake- there it is.

3) Team blocks 5 kicks

Blocked kicks are like 65+ yard interception returns assuming you get a full hand on the ball. And Muschamp will take that from Urban Meyer- use all his speed on the block team to go and get it. I would hope that these blocks come against BCS teams because with the stat that the team that blocks a kick wins 92% of the time, I’d hate to see it wasted against Furman. Oh, and the last time UF blocked a kick and didn’t win? Back in the Ron Zook days.

4) Defense must finish in top 3 in SEC and top 10 in nation in sacks

This is one stat that doesn’t even matter so much about the actual number so much. Get a reputation for getting to the QB and the opposing QB will already have some nerves as he’s walking into the stadium. Whether Florida leads the SEC with 3 or 33 doesn’t matter so much, because opposing o-line coaches go NUTS when you’re about to face a sack heavy team in the film room (at least in high school, and I would assume it’s a universal). Once you get one in the game, it can snowball into some bad decisions and some easy picks.

5) Red zone offense must score 99% of the time or better

With an offense with the talent that we will put on the field, there’s no excuse not to score when you get into the red zone. I don’t want to even hear a word about the compressed space. Because THAT’S when you run a dive play or two. THAT’S when you throw a bubble screen. Of course, that’s not to say every red zone play should be dives or screens but that’s a good time to use them. I can pardon making a mistake here or there, once or twice a season- we’re all human and we screw up. But it shouldn’t happen very often.

That’s my set of expectations.

But the teams above matched my and everybody’s expectations and beyond. Every year, there is that one team with a new coach that shoots up from nowhere and contends for the BCS Title. That new coach always has the fire, the intensity, the BOOM (but not too much like the Lame Kitten up in Knoxville). Muschamp’s already proven that he’s got the intensity towards rivals by taking a veiled but insulting shot at Miami (I could have done better… but that’s a good start, Boom. You’ll get the hang of pissing off our rivals once you start slapping the living hell out of them).

Can anybody try to explain why Florida can’t be that team in 2011?

16 thoughts on “Gators Have Pieces in Place For Instant Turnaround

  1. Your article is full of fallacies.

    For starters the top 5 problems in Tebow’s game were not Addazio’s to correct; that’s the QB Coach’s job.

    Because Mullen doubled as QB coach the tendency to tie the duties to the OC is natural, however, it’s not a failing by Adazzio.

    To get technical, it’s a Tebow failing. Remember Tebow expressly insisting he would not let Loeffler tinker with anything ? He took the stance that, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Well, it was broken; you just had some damn good contractors hiding it well.

    And before we start trying to defend St Timothy, remember one thing – the promise.

    People like to believe “the promise” was some epic magical power thing that happened, and it was, to a certain extent. Lost in it is the reality – they were trying to make Tebow more of a pocket passer. They lose to Ole Miss, putting their title hopes at risk so Tebow had a fit and made “the promise.”

    The difference was, he used a public forum to make “the promise” and his promise was nothing more than “I’m going to play MY way, not the coach’s way.” Since he was charismatic and people were fooled into thinking the home schooled baby of the family was some motivational speaker, and not merely a spoiled child throwing a tantrum, they (the fans at large) supported it.

    It’s the same thing that happened before the 2009 season with regards to Loeffler.

    Remember this nonsense – “he was brought in to work with Brantley.”

    Nonsense. He was brought in to work with Tebow. The questions about his NFL abilities started to fly in 2008 so they brought in the guy who “coached Tom Brady.” Alas, Tebow was having no part of it. I wouldn’t at all be surprised if he threatened to enter the supplemental draft if he didn’t get his way. After all, he wasn’t projected to go very high, so he wouldn’t be expecting to risk huge payday.

    Alas, Percy Harvin leaves. Debose, who was supposed to inherit the position, gets hurt.

    I’m not sure people truly grasp just how good Percy Harvin was. He seems to get overshadowed by Tebow’s holy goodness.

    Let me just say this – Percy Harvin was the best player on the 2006-2008 era Gators.

    Percy Harvin is arguably the greatest player ever to play the game.

    Now, it’s pretty damn early in his pro career to say that. However, I am talking about pure physical ability. You’re talking about a guy who, coming out of High School, people were raving about but qualified it with “well, it may take time to adjust to SEC speed.” He walked right in and dominated. Then the same was said about him in the NFL especially not having put a lot of focus on the WR aspect. What happened ? He climbs up the depth chart as the 3rd WR and somehow snares in over 60 passes and 700 yards. Oh, and he had over 1,000 KR return yards with 2 td. Did I mention he didn’t return kicks at Florida, so this was a “new” position for him ?

    On pure physical ability alone, Harvin is the greatest player to ever set foot on a field. In terms of commitment, he has that; synthetic or not, remember the bulking up?

    As far as character goes, hopefully that was youthful immaturity and hopefully his “migraines” go away as he gets older.

    Regardless, I have NEVER seen a player that great. If ever someone needed one face to put beside the entry for “game changer” there is not a better example than Harvin.

    I am not sure people really and truly understand just how much his departure meant. In other words, I am not sure you guys realize just how many of the ugly holes (that were ALWAYS there) that he covered.

  2. Never once in my life have I ever questioned the power of Percy.

    I put that up a long time ago. I’ve always felt that he was one of the best ever. The only issue with your argument is that Addazio was never the OC when Harvin was here. As you stated, Harvin was a Gator from 06 to 08; Addazio ran the offense (terms ran and offense used loosely) in 09 and 10.

    Yes, Tebow had problems untouched by Mullen. So what? Mullen was busy overseeing Harvin, Caldwell, Murphy, Demps, Rainey… and on… and on… and on. The point is that Tebow was just one player on an explosive team.

    When I did my Tebow was the greatest ever article, it was 98% my honest opinion. The other 2% was a trap to see if somebody would fall into it so I could use it later to further undermine Addazio. I like you a lot bone. You provide great insight here, and I have repeatedly expressed that I am open to corrections. But by saying that it wasn’t all Tebow, he was just another player, allowed me to prove my point here. Mullen had so many players to look after, and Tebow was just one.

    Look at the Arkansas game. By no means did Tebow win that game. Hell, he threw a pick (a rarity under Mullen). Rather, Demps and Rainey (Harvin helped a little too) got loose for over 100 yards each. Case in point here.

    I do agree with the hidden message in the promise. He basically just said back off coaches I’m playing my way. But he still had plenty of help from everybody around him.

    In 2009, Harvin and Murphy leave. But it’s like Ryan said. Our plunge on offense was much more due to our playcaller than those losses. We still had Demps and Rainey. We still had three NFL pass catchers (Nelson, Cooper, Hernandez). We still had an offensive line that now has had two of the five get selected top 20 in their drafts. We were still loaded.

    So Addazio was left to fill the holes that Mullen couldn’t fill. And considering how much Mullen did with the rest of our playmakers, I’m not blaming him in any way for leaving Tebow with these problems. Anyway, Addazio comes in and does nothing but call Tebow dives, jack off, and look happy when Tebow makes something happen that Addazio never called for. Case in point: Florida Georgia, 2009, Tebow to Cooper 30 yard TD. This was the second end zone toss to Cooper, and it was supposed to be a take-the-snap-take-one-step-back-and-look-like-you-plan-to-throw-now-pull-the-ball-down-and-run-right-up-the-gut-draw-play on a first and 10. Tebow didn’t like it, so he audibled at the line and threw a bomb that Cooper made a fantastic catch on. As you said, after the promise, Tebow played his way, and here, it worked.

    Bottom line: Mullen didn’t have ample time to make Tebow perfect and make everybody else superstars, so he worked with them evenly. Addazio did nothing to help Tebow either.

  3. Lets hope for the instant turnaround, and Tebow and Harvin were both great but never walking through the tunnel again.

  4. And therein lies the problem Neil.

    You were just a boy, so I don’t expect you to remember this, but go back to 2005. Before Harvin.

    Mullen was thought of the same way Adazzio was.

    Mullen was considered a bum who didn’t know how to call a play. People were sure Meyer’s offense was not going to work in the SEC.

    Then, Mullen gets Harvin to play with then Tebow full time and all of a sudden he’s a genius.

    There’s a reason Mullen bolted when Harvin left; he knew Florida wasn’t going to win in 2009. He took a job at MSU instead.

    Did he want his own head coaching gig ? Of course. However, had he thought Florida was going to repeat, he could have stayed on another year then taken over that program as Meyer would have left after 2009.

    Instead, he got out while his reputation was still at its highest rather than having to start over without Harvin.

    If Cam Newton keeps his nose clean and stays, maybe Mullen stays at Florida; we know now he tried desperately to get Newton at MSU, so we can say with certainty that the idea of hanging around and having Brantley as his QB wasn’t appealing.

    As for Carl Moore being an NFL receiver, give me a break. That’s nonsensical local media overhyping. The same Florida nonsense that shaves 1/10-3/10 off every player’s 40 time just because they are at Florida. Chris Rainey runs a sub 4.4 40 ? LOL, I can’t wait until the combine to see his REAL numbers.

    Carl Moore is not/was not NFL receiver material. He didn’t have the speed and separation skills, leaving him as a jump ball hands guy. At best he can be a red zone/jump ball guy.

    Just a reminder, the 2009 team’s YPP was on par with 2008’s; it was the red zone where things were different. That’s what happens when you lose Harvin and Murphy.

    Am I saying Adazzio is as good as Mullen ? Of course not.

    However, a perfect sh*t storm unfolded that made his job impossible, including following Mullen who had Harvin and Murphy as toys.

    PS Again with John Brantley as high school player of the year ? Ok, I’ll say this again – KB ran an offense in a league that was geared to stop the run, so they caught teams ill prepared to handle the offense, allowing Brantley to pile up garbage numbers. It was very similar to when Sprurrier arrived at Florida and all of a sudden Shane Matthews was looking like Dan Marino. That all changed when they faces FSU and their bowl teams, because they were piling up garbage numbers against an SEC that was completely run oriented.

    Remember how Spurrier’s teams became more talented but no longer had a stranglehold on the SEC because teams were gearing themselves towards the pass ? Well, the only thing JB did well in high school, against unsuspecting and overmatched teams, his current competition has been doing for years.

    Oh, and LMFAO @ “I mean, he’s already demonstrated that he CAN do anything that Tom Brady can.”

    No, he hasn’t. I wouldn’t trust him to feed Tom Brady sips of lemonade, for fear that he might spill it over his expensive clothes.

    Smarten up with the fanboyism.

    Just remember this about Brantley – he’s so bad, a lot of us old schoolers were remembering the Terry Dean era fondly. Ask some older fans about Terry Dean. Don’t just watch youtube clips, talk to older fans who actually LIVED through the Dean era.

  5. Wait wait wait- you really think that Mullen left Florida SOLELY BECAUSE HARVIN LEFT??? Please. He named his fucking dog after Tim Tebow. He did want a head coaching job, so he left for that reason. I’ll admit that.

    In 2005, Mullen was forced to run plays with Ron Zook’s offense. He had no players of his preference. I was 11 years old. I was not a baby. I remember very well in the Tennessee game where he was caught on camera mouthing “FUCK THIS” after DeShawyn Wynn was stopped on a third and 3.

    Enter Percy and Tebow. Now he’s got two players suited to run his offense. They make large contributions to the 06 Championship team, and Percy could have been named team MVP and Tebow freshman of the year for all I care.

    When did I say Carl Moore was an NFL receiver? I think Ryan said it in his first article. Not that I disagree- I don’t think he’ll be another Randy Moss but who knows, he could find himself somewhere as a third down receiver. Or could have if not for Addazio.

    Mr. Addazio was SO MUCH WORSE THAN MULLEN. It’s not even CLOSE. To compare them is like comparing Florida 2008 to Florida 2010. Hey, Florida scored 30 against TN in 08 and 31 in 2010, oh, I guess the 2010 team was better. Or, hey, Florida scored 42 in 2008 and 55 in 2010 against Vandy, that means the 2010 team was better. If I were Dan Mullen and I saw this comparison I would attempt to get a lawsuit for either cyber bullying or slander. I usually like what you have to say and what you bring to this site, but that’s SO WRONG. Mullen was ineffective because he had nobody for his system in 2005; he was much better the following years when he did. Addazio had ALL the players he wanted, and did less than nothing. Literally. He misused players, didn’t use some at all, and as for play-calling, he could have called a better game plan if he drew plays out of a hat. That is, if there were more than five or six in it to start with.

    OK, maybe the league Brantley was in was geared up to stop the run- but after seeing him on tape and seeing his monster numbers after three games or so, why didn’t defenses adjust to his machine gun offense?

  6. Oh and Cam Newton was so much better than Tebow, Mullen chose Tebow to start over him. Had Newton not revealed himself to be a douche and a moron, Mullen still wouldn’t stay. He would have liked to bring Newton along, but it didn’t kill him to not have him. MSU did fine without him. They won 9 games and a New Years’ Day bowl game.

    Give Brantley a chance under Weis. I’ll admit, his leash is very short for me. If he doesn’t light up FAU like a Christmas tree, my Addazio to Gator Nation from Philly articles become Brantley to Gator Nation from the bench articles. BELIEVE ME, I WILL DO IT. I AM 100% PREPARED TO DO THAT.

  7. One more thing. Don’t even start with Terry Dean comparisons. He won an SEC Championship MVP Award by throwing a bomb to Jackson to beat Alabama. He wasn’t horrible. He wasn’t great, but anybody who wins you an SEC Championship and gets the MVP Award cannot be that bad.

  8. Your childish response and inability to extrapolate (example, I did NOT say Mullen left just because of Harvin)are worthy of this:

    “OK, maybe the league Brantley was in was geared up to stop the run- but after seeing him on tape and seeing his monster numbers after three games or so, why didn’t defenses adjust to his machine gun offense?”

    Because you can do that during a fucking High School season when the roster’s been set ?

    I guess it can be done in High School, but in college it takes a year or two.

    What the fuck is the matter with you ?

    In 2008 Meyer talked about ND being his dream job. Everyone with a brain who didn’t wear Tim Tebow underoos knew he was bolting soon.

    Mullen could have waited it out. He knew it was crumbling, and got out while his rep was high with the players he had.

    In 2006 that team won because of DEFENSE and Harvin. It looked a lot like the 2009 team.

    Regardless, Mullen didn’t become a “genius” until he had Tebow, Harvin and Murphy. Something Adazzio never had.

    Like I said, I guess you don’t remember the hate on for Mullen pre 2008.

  9. Yes because they had the same experience level.


    Tebow played because he had EXPERIENCE.

    Yes, Mullen loved Newton, that’s why he desperatly tried to get him at MSU.

    And yes, Newton is better than Tebow; that’s why he went #1 overall because people see how good he already is and how much untapped potential there is. There’s less work involved in getting Newton up to speed.

  10. I didn’t start with comparisons; I don’t even think you were alive then.

    Everyone who was actually alive and semi human during the Dean era can tell you he was infuriating. Fans wanted freshman Wuerffel in, he was that infuriating. Not unlike now, the talk of putting Reed in over JB and now Driskel/Murphy in the second JB falters.

    The difference is, Dean actually produced when he wasn’t being reckless. Dean was TOO cocky; Brantley is a kleenex.

    BTW he was “SEC Champion” in a year that the best team in the SEC wasn’t allowed to play for the title.

  11. “When did I say Carl Moore was an NFL receiver? I think Ryan said it in his first article. Not that I disagree- I don’t think he’ll be another Randy Moss but who knows, he could find himself somewhere as a third down receiver. Or could have if not for Addazio.”

    “As Ryan said, “Carl Moore is an NFL wide receiver who is going to miss out on millions of dollars because Addazio continues to misuse him”.

    Carl Moore?

    That’s one of the lesser examples.”

    So, Ryan said it first. You agreed with it, echoed it, and now are indignant an insinuating that I am attributing quotes to you that you didn’t say ?

    Smarten up.

  12. “Oh and Cam Newton was so much better than Tebow, Mullen chose Tebow to start over him”

    BTW Meyer chose Tebow.

    You seem to be under the impression that Meyer wasn’t in love with Tebow and had to fulfill certain promises he made to convince him to choose Florida over Bama.

    Do not for one second buy this “he had Gators wallpaper and christmas decorations” bullshit; he was leaning heavily toward Bama.

    He chose Florida because he was promised significant playing time his freshman year (wise move)

    He was promised a Heisman (not so wise)

    He was promised titles (wise)

    Of course, the home schooled, baby of the family socially awkward special child had a hard time allowing others to gain experience.

  13. LOL that seemed more like a personal attack than a response. I agree that Moore can be an NFL receiver, it just seemed that Ryan meant it to a higher extent. But I guess as an actual head coach you know everything; I’m an uneducated homer that knows nothing. Right?

  14. “LOL that seemed more like a personal attack than a response. I agree that Moore can be an NFL receiver, it just seemed that Ryan meant it to a higher extent. But I guess as an actual head coach you know everything; I’m an uneducated homer that knows nothing. Right?”

    Uneducated homer who knows nothing ?

    I wouldn’t say that; you know a great deal. However, your homerism does blind you and give you love goggles, as it does most people.

    It’s not your fault; most people suffer from it because of the onslaught of local media. I don’t live where my favorite teams reside so I don’t get “poisoned” as it were.

    Perfect example – I am a Red Sox fan. There’s no more sickeningly homerish fanbase in the world. Where I live in Canada, when I was younger, the feeds our cable company picked up were Boston feeds. Even as a child, I couldn’t stand the disgusting bias from them.

    I realize local media are more or less proxy employees, but homerism is almost intolerable – you can’t have rational debates when the homerism flares up.

    My favorite teams are as follows:

    NFL – Atlanta.
    You know my college team (disclaimer, I am a Gators fan first, SEC fan second, Big 12 fan 3rd)
    NHL – Rangers
    NBA – Lakers
    MLB – Red Sox

    Do I think Atlanta has a shot to win the SB this year ? Well, I suppose they do, technically. Did I like the Jones fiasco ? They do have a small window with the support staff, so I guess it makes sense to go all in. Do I want them to win it all ? I could care less. The NFL is such a boring, bland league that copies whoever win. The Falcons run one of the most painfully boring offenses I have ever seen, and I am not sure I want that offense spreading throughout the NFL and trickling down to college as a requirement.

    Do I think the Red Sox can win the World Series ? Of course. However, they need one hell of a string of luck. They are very old and while their front line is impressive, the second level is bare. One or two injuries for any length of time turns them into an overpriced bust. Will it bother me if they win, having “bought” their title ? I do go in for that crybaby “look at their payroll” infantile communist jibberish – I am a capitalist and the last I checked, when the Sox and Yankees visit those small market teams, the house is packed. Those teams make a good chunk of their money by the Sox and Yankees existing, from the trickle down effect/ Never mind the revenue sharing.

    Do I want the Gators to win ? Well, in my perfect candyland scenario they’d win every year. If not for my own enjoyment of them actually winning, then to watch Big Ten fans go nuts, watch USC fans cry about the schedule, and watch Miami fans talk about the 80s and 90s as well as the head to head record.

    Do I want the Lakers to win ? Of course. But I am not a Celtics hater. I wouldn’t mind the Celts winning either. I like dynasties and powerhouses and if the Lakers don’t do it, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Celts increase their total.

    Rangers – could care less at this point. They singlehandedly ruined the NHL I grew up watching. Gary Bettman is such a piece of trash that now I root for Canadian teams. It used to be you either loved the Montreal Canadians or hated them. If you were a Montreal fan you hated Toronto. Since Bettman took over and started to Americanize our game, I found myself cheering for both Montreal and Toronto.

  15. Haha well OK I was never going to play the “I’m just a kid, leave me alone” card, it just seemed like there was, well, a little anger directed at me. I live in New Jersey, so I’m not poisoned by any Gator fans here but half my family are Gators, and the other half are Noles. So I guess… but anyway, it’s cool that you start good discussions/arguments, I really love them. But when somebody says things like “your childish response”, “imbecile”, and other things like that, it’s usually a mental signal to me to drop the football talk and launch an ad hominem attack. I don’t like doing that with you because, well, you know a hell of a lot of football and there ARE plenty of uneducated homers. You know the type; “gayturds suck”, “Tebow’s a p*ssy”, “Urban Cryer”, so on. I save my personal attacks for those morons and don’t want to waste my time doing it to you. Besides, from your knowledge of football and being a coach, I would guess that you could engage in personal warfare pretty well.

  16. The “childish” comment was not toward your age, but your choice of words –

    “Wait wait wait- you really think that Mullen left Florida SOLELY BECAUSE HARVIN LEFT??? Please. He named his fucking dog after Tim Tebow. He did want a head coaching job, so he left for that reason. I’ll admit that. ”

    It came off as juvenile in delivery, plus adding urban myth into it.

    A recent example why it’s not an age thing. We are having elections here. The man running for the Liberal party is supposedly an intellectual superior to all. He is in his 60s.

    Well, the crazy left wing party, who never stands a chance, thus allowing them to really go after the two big parties, was calling him on his flip flops.

    The 64 year old man, who went to both Harvard and Oxford, countered with “well at least my party has had a chance to govern”

    I looked at my Liberal wife and said “you really want to vote for that? that’s the response of a 13 year old kid who is too young to play the “my dick is bigger” game.

    Completely childish.

    As for the imbecile comment, that was my boo boo. I meant to say imbecilic, not imbecile, thus attacking the comment, not the person. Apologies for the confusion.

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