Gators lose OL Rod Johnson for duration of spring

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Florida’s already thin offensive line just got even thinner.

The Gators have lost Rod Johnson for the rest of spring practices to a “stinger” that left his fingers completely numb. Tests have suggested that Johnson previously had issues there “well before,” per McElwain.

Officially, Johnson is listed as “out indefinitely.” Obviously, we need to hope that he’s OK. But what’s even scarier than the injury itself is what this does to Florida’s depth.

As we all know by now, Will Muschamp did not exactly leave the Gators’ roster- particularly the offensive line- in great shape. At all. (Even though he thinks he did, and gets defensive when people argue that point.)┬áThis injury leaves Florida with exactly six offensive linemen for the final three spring practices, plus the spring game. Only one of those six has seen significant playing time (David Sharpe). Without any injuries at all, Florida had eight and three, respectively (Johnson and Trip Thurman).

So no, Muschamp, you did not leave us “lots of talented players” on the offensive line. Not that we should be surprised that your assessment of your own team is wrong, but it’s irritating nonetheless. In fact, thanks to you, we didn’t even have enough linemen to form a second team line for a scrimmage to begin with. Now we barely have enough to form one┬ácomplete offensive line. Sure, help is on the way in the forms of Martez Ivey and Tyler Jordan, but having six scholarship linemen available at any point, ever, is not a good reflection of what the previous coach left behind.