Gators Receiving Corps Takes Two Hits… Neither of Them of Any Significance

Word has come out that Gators receivers, Javares McRoy and Chris Dunkley, are leaving the program. McRoy said he wanted to play at Texas Tech with his brother, and Dunkley’s reasons weren’t clear.

But let’s look at this objectively: who really cares?

Not me, and I’m sure Aubrey Hill doesn’t either.

Because Florida is loaded at WR this coming season. Lots of guys might be seeing balls come their way- Chris Rainey, Deonte Thompson, Trey Burton, Jordan Reed, Omarious Hines, Frankie Hammond, Robert Clark, AC Leonard, Latroy Pittman, yeah, that’s a lot of guys, isn’t it? Hell, even Jeff Demps could see time at slot receiver.

The point is, not only does this not hurt Florida, it helps us a lot. Now, we don’t have to juggle as many receivers. Yes, being deep at a certain position is a positive, but only to a certain extent. Once you have six really good receivers, you don’t need any more. You just don’t need a seventh. What you could do is transform him into a DB, but that takes time that could be spent drawing up new plays, or testing them out, or going through more reps.

Or taking your team paintballing.

Make no mistake. Dunkley and McRoy are fantastic athletes. I’m not pretending to shrug it off while quaking with terror inside because our receiving corps is depleted. It’s only because we don’t need them with all our other talent that I’m not upset.

If you don’t understand why this doesn’t hurt us, imagine that your football team has Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Michael Vick, Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Aaron Rodgers. Say Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning quit.

Do you really care?

I wouldn’t.

Not with Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Big Ben, or Vick.

Like that imaginary team, Florida is overloaded at a position, and can spend more time developing 5 fantastic receivers instead of 7 good ones.

Quality, not quantity, is what matters.

Unless you’re Steve Addazio.

Then the quantity of three and outs starts to matter.

6 thoughts on “Gators Receiving Corps Takes Two Hits… Neither of Them of Any Significance

  1. Great article Neil, I do have to say that you can’t compare our receiving corps to elite NFL QB’s but I do get what you are saying.

  2. I never really like seeing players leave our program but these two weren’t exactly Randy Moss and Larry Fitzgerald. We’ll recover from this.
    Plus this opens up two more recruiting spots for next years class, if I’m not mistaken.

  3. Um, who the hell are Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Mike Vick and Big Ben ?

    You make it sound like Florida has 1st team NCAA receivers, when in reality, we haven’t seen f*ck all from them.

    It’s more like Floria has: Rex Grossman, Carson Palmer, Alex Smith and Chad Henne, while they let walk Dan LeFevour and Tony Pike.

  4. I am not sure about this, but I thought we had a guy by the last name of Patton. I know I saw a guy named Patton last year returning kickoffs, but is he a wide receiver as well?

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