Gators Will Rely On Double D’s, Fight History For Georgia Game

Looking at the title of this post, no, I am not referring to a bra size; I am referring to the two things that have kept the Gators from being blown out in Spurrier type fashion, as opposed to just being soundly beaten.

The D’s and Debose and defense, and they will play a major part in trying to defeat the Gators’ opponent on Saturday… which is history.

Yes, the Gators are fighting history on Saturday in Jacksonville against the #22 Georgia Bulldogs.

As you may have heard, the Florida Gators have won 18 of the last 21 games against Georgia. Steve Spurrier took special pleasure running up the score on the Dawgs and then taunting them in the postgame press conference. Even Ron Zook managed to win two out of three against Georgia, twice dismantling potential national championship hopes for UGA. Along came Urban Meyer and he too ruined UGA’s BCS Championship hopes, and then put a pair of embarrassing beatdowns on Georgia followed up by an OT win.

What you may not know- or, to be honest, what is for some reason hidden- is the fact that these two teams swap turns bludgeoning each other with regularity for a period of roughly two decades.

So history suggests that the pendulum in this rivalry has reached its peak on our side, and will begin a swing the other way.

Basically, recent history is on our side, but complete history is not.

But throw that out. Silly end zone dances aside, football games are won and lost with x’s and o’s.

The Gators will probably get John Brantley back, but that’s not even close to being our biggest advantage. That distinction goes to… our defense.

Look at the Auburn game, and how the Tigers could score only 17 points. This Auburn offense is still pretty good, despite their QB troubles. Between Onterio McCalebb and Mike Dyer, they have two explosive playmakers that can potentially win games. Both were for the most part silent in the Florida game.

LSU’s offense is far better than people give them credit for. They scored 41 on Florida, true, but then take away the field goal that was set up by the fake punt, which was on the special teams. Then remember the jump pass, an indefensible play that was only called because Florida’s defense had stuffed LSU at the goal line twice in a row. They played in my opinion, the best team in the country, and thanks to the offensive line’s ineptitude, couldn’t get off the field.

And then look at the Alabama game- 7 points directly came off a pick 6, and they had trouble moving the ball on us for most of the second half until they put it away.

Throughout the season, the defense has been solid. Not great, but solid. And they’ll only get better. Urban Meyer didn’t leave the cupboard bare at all. These are tough, talented kids that will do what it takes to get better, especially with Will Muschamp pushing them.

Our other major bright spot in our dreadful October has been Andre Debose. He’s proven to be a big play threat, burning both Alabama and LSU for 65 yard touchdowns. Brantley (or whoever is our QB) should give him chances to make big plays deep down the field.

Debose was compared early on to Percy Harvin. I can see that a little bit, but he’s not Percy- they just share the characteristics of having a knack for making big plays. He’s also a speed demon, like Harvin, and can break tackles like him too.

Whether or not he is Harvin, though, is irrelevant. The larger point is this- the Gators sorely need a proven deep threat to free up Chris Rainey on the perimeter. Rainey is technically a wide receiver, but does the bulk of his damage on plays that belong to running backs- running plays, screens, flare routes, etc. Since Florida lacks a second player that defenses must pay equal attention to as they must for Rainey, the defense swarms Rainey, daring somebody else to beat them.

Another note- the Gators simply must use Mike Gillislee. He’s a proven threat in the run game, and to only use him in mop up time is a serious error in judgment. He can’t inflict any damage with 2 or 3 carries, but he can with 15+. There’s no word on Jeff Demps yet, so if he can’t go, then Gillislee is ‘that guy’ in the running game.

My full prediction is coming soon, but with the Georgia defense in flux with the suspensions, it’s a tossup. Georgia is good this year, and if Mark Richt will ever beat Florida again, it will be this year.

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  1. Man it makes me mad just watching Gilly waste away on the dang sideline! That being said with Brantleys return we will win this ball game UGA 20 FL 28

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