George Brown: I’m a Gator as long as (OL coach) Mike Summers is

One of the constants in college football is that when you fire a coach, you are likely going to lose recruits. Florida very well might, but highly touted offensive line recruit George Brown is probably not going to be one of them.

I just spoke with Brown, who reassured me:

He went on to say that even if Summers was not retained, he would still consider Florida. He said that he loves the university overall, and that he loves the Gator Nation. But it would really come down to who the new coaches were- both head coach and his new offensive line coach- for him to wind up signing with Florida.

Brown is one of the nation’s highest rated offensive linemen, and seems to be a joy to have on a team. He’s very charismatic on twitter, and he was very entertaining in the interview we did with him over the summer. I would hate to lose him. But I do think that in the end, he stays a Gator.