Georgia Smashes Jinx, Gator Hearts, Gator Glory Days

Um, can we get Ron Zook back?

Goodbye, wins.

We won’t be seeing you again anytime soon.

Maybe in a few years Will Muschamp will get players that suit his system that can win. But for now, there’s no question that this Gators’ team is the worst since 1979. Kentucky is just that bad, people. We proved nothing by blowing them out.

We officially suck.

Where to start? The offensive line, who gave up five sacks in the first half alone- when Georgia was missing two of its starters?

The penalties? How about 14, for over 100 yards. That’s just sick. That’s unheard of.

Allowing Georgia to go 3 for 3 on fourth down?

What about -19 rushing yards?

That’s all horrible, but the worst part is that it came against… GEORGIA. This is a team that no matter how bad the Gators are, they give games away. And they tried to again this time around. Aaron Murray got picked off, Blair Walsh missed two field goals inside of 40 yards, they allowed Jordan Reed to walk in for an easy touchdown on a busted coverage… basically, the Dogs were playing like they were cursed by the Jax Jinx, as they call it, and still won the game.

That’s unacceptable.

And let’s get something clear- this is NOT John Brantley’s fault. He played a great game. But you’d never know it the way the offensive line played (like mentally challenged monkeys with bacterial infections). This is most decidedly not his fault. If not for him, and for Georgia trying (and failing) to beat themselves, we would have been blown out.

I won’t jump and start calling for Muschamp’s head. But I’m approaching that point at an alarming clip- maybe by kickoff of next season. It’s not that Florida has had its worst stretch since my father was in college. No, it’s because they team up with their opponent and beat themselves mercilessly- and there’s been no sign of improvement. There’s no implication, no NOTHING that tells me that this team is headed in the right direction. We’re going backwards. We very well might not make a bowl game. Scary? Yes. Possible? Yes.

Anybody here convinced we’re better than Vanderbilt? I’m not. Something in James Franklin’s eye tells me his guys are just waiting to unleash a nasty surprise on somebody, and we’re Vandy’s next opponent.

Think we can beat South Carolina on the road? I don’t. They don’t have Marcus Lattimore, and just don’t need him. They still have a ferocious defense that must be salivating and at the opportunity to play (with) our offensive line.

If we don’t beat Furman, I will call for Muschamp’s head right then and there.

Can we beat FSU in the Swamp? That splits into two different questions. Are we talented enough to? Yes. Will we? Absolutely not, and that opinion will not change unless I see drastic changes in the discipline of this football team.

Here’s how bad this is- I actually want Steve Addazio back. No, not as the offensive coordinator, because that will never happen no matter how bad we are, but as our offensive line coach. Remember when we had Urban Meyer, our offensive line was pretty good. The Pouncey twins, Phil Trautwein, Carl Johnson, Jim Tartt, remember these names? Probably not all of them, because o-line guys don’t get a lot of ink when things go well. Did Addazio do a fantastic job strictly as o-line coach? No. He did a good job. Good is all we need, but would seem like heaven after watching this five man sieve.

What’s even worse to me is that the Gators started out playing well- and THEN unraveled. Georgia, much like the past 21 years, was left for dead. Unlike the past 21 years, Florida completely choked away a 17-3 lead and lost. It feels so sick, but somebody tell me this rivalry isn’t turning back over to Georgia’s side. These teams beat each other for 20 years or so with frightening regularity, and 20 years ago, Florida began their dominance, and now it’s Georgia with a huge series turning win. We’ll see what these teams look like before next year’s game, but I’m not really feeling confident.

It’s also the end of not only the ownage of this rivalry- kiss the glory days goodbye. Two 4+ loss seasons in a row officially end the Florida golden age. Perhaps someday we will get back there, but I don’t see it happening for another few years.

All isn’t lost, however. Not talking about this year, because aside from beating FSU and making a bowl game there’s really nothing to play for, and next year will be a rebuilding year as well, but we should look very good in 2013. Jessamen Dunker, Omari Phillips and DJ Humphries will have taken their lumps in 2012 and our green defense will have gone through another year in the SEC and be ready for whatever comes at them. So there is hope for the future.

And, of course for basketball season.

2 thoughts on “Georgia Smashes Jinx, Gator Hearts, Gator Glory Days

  1. Neil great article, the glory days are long and gone and that hurts knowing we are FLORIDA and should never have to rebuild. I to miss Dumbazzio for his O-line skills because whoever the guy is now he sucks at his job. UGA will not beat us next year and we will win the east next year but thats me telling myself that so I dont hang myself

  2. This is the worst I have seen from the Gators in my life. Do I miss Dumbazzio, even as an o-line coach, no. He made the line just good enough for Tebow to be able to tuck and run, which really isn’t that good. Had it been with any other QB, it would not have looked great. Hopefully with next year, our national nightmare will be over.

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