Give Muschamp Some Leeway in 2011- 2012 is His Real Test

In my honest opinion, I think I’m a pretty rational guy who gives everybody a fair chance.

That was why my anti-Addazio articles weren’t written with nearly the firepower behind them in 2009 as they had in 2010. I was patient with Addazio in 2009, because he was taking over for a great offensive coordinator in Dan Mullen. Even though I was wary of his 7-29 total record at Indiana as an OC, I figured that it was possible that he needed players for his offensive style in order to succeed.

That’s why I was so extremely pissed off when not only Florida didn’t even maintain the same level of offensive success, not only did they drop big time, but I had to hire Spongebob Squarepants to go find it for me because no human can survive that deep underwater.

Because in his second, pivotal year, Addazio’s offense couldn’t put up a first down against the Oompa Loompas.

But Steve Addazio is not the whole point of this post. The point is to show you guys that if I, one of the more volatile writers in the world, can have patience with Muschamp, then you should too.

Florida’s record says that they went 8-5. That is most decidedly NOT true. What if Miami Ohio doesn’t fail two fake punt attempts, and commit four turnovers? What if Urban Meyer’s fake punt fails against Tennessee? What if Georgia doesn’t hand Florida four turnovers? Well, I’ll tell you what happens then- Florida is 4-8. That’s not to mention what might have been the worst performance of all- the Outback Bowl. There was really only one game Florida should have won but didn’t- LSU.

If Muschamp goes 8-5, then that’s an improvement from last year. Don’t jump on him so quick. The second year of a coach’s career is the one that matters. That’s when his players are used to him, used to the system, etc.

Look at the last few years, at what these great coaches have done in their first and second years, as well as how they turned out, at new powerhouse schools.

Urban Meyer, Florida

1st year- 9-3, won Outback Bowl

2nd year- 13-1, BCS and SEC Champions.

Total- 65-15, 2 BCS and SEC Champions, 3 BCS Bowl wins

Gene Chizik, Auburn

1st year- 8-5, won Outback Bowl

2nd year- 14-0, BCS and SEC Champions

Total- 22-5, BCS and SEC Champions

Chip Kelly, Oregon

1st year- 10-3, Pac 10 Champions, lost BCS Rose Bowl

2nd year- 12-1, Pac 10 Champions, lost BCS Championship

Total- 23-4, 2 Pac 10 Champions, 2 BCS Bowls

Nick Saban, Alabama

1st year- 7-6, won Independance Bowl

2nd year- 12-2, lost SEC Championship, lost BCS Sugar Bowl

Total- 43-11, BCS Champions, SEC Champions

Get the picture? There’s a noticable jump from the first year to the second year. The only thing that will be undetermined after Year 2 will be whether he can recruit the players to win, as opposed to using Meyer’s guys.

Nobody here remembers anybody wanting to run Saban out of Tuscaloosa after 2007, right? That’s because he was so successful after that people forget about that. But there were such people. Now, you see them and think they’re crazy.

I’m not saying that Muschamp will be another Saban (though he worked for him, so maybe) but I am saying to give Muschamp a chance beyond his first year.


4 thoughts on “Give Muschamp Some Leeway in 2011- 2012 is His Real Test

  1. I agree Neil. I will be thrilled if we can show a positive trend next year. I’m looking for player development. The frustration last year was that we were sucking wind out of the gate and seemed to get worse as the year progressed. No fire, no leadership, no one looked like they had a clue. We are still busting at the seams with talent so we were able to pull off a few key games but it always looked disjointed. NoDazzleO was certainly a big factor but we have already beat him to a pulp.
    If Muschamp can just get these guys to play as a team by the end of the year and restore some Gator pride I will be satisfied. I’ll take 7-6 with promise for 2012 over 8-5 with the program headed for the toilet.

  2. Gator nation will give Muschamp a year to get it going. Personally think we will do alright this year. With the talent of the coaching staff and the players we can win the east. We only really have to worry about S.Carolina.

  3. To give Muschamp any less than a year would be foolish, and we all know there will be those that will do just that. Of course if they had half a brain they’d be dangerous because thats what you need to realize it takes time to develop a program and get it to where it needs to be. As always a great article Neil.

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