Golden Boy: Dante Fowler goes to the Jacksonville Jaguars

With the 3rd pick in the 2015 NFL Draft, the Jacksonville Jaguars have selected Dante Fowler. Fowler becomes the 47th Gator to be selected in the first round, and the 12th Gator selected in the first round since 2007.

Fowler has recently shown us just how much he loves gold. He wore a gold watch to the NFL Combine- and even ran his 40 yard dash with it. And then tonight, he wore gold shoes to the Draft in Chicago. It’s quite fitting that he loves the color that symbolizes the best, because he provides the Jaguars with several key traits that you just cannot teach.

First, the jump he gets at the line of scrimmage is absolutely eye-popping. He is a master at timing the snap and exploding into the opponent’s backfield. Offensive linemen barely have time to get out of their pre snap stances before he rockets by them and either blows up a running play or lays out the quarterback. He’s also got a nasty set of moves that opposing linemen just can’t stop, including a spin and a lateral juke. Oh, and he’s pretty strong, too, meaning he’s equally able to get past blockers with power and agility.

So yeah, the Jags got a good one. Fowler did nothing but wreak havoc as a Gator, and of course I’ll be following and rooting for our golden boy as he goes forward.

10 thoughts on “Golden Boy: Dante Fowler goes to the Jacksonville Jaguars

    1. Concerning how? He likes gold. Gold is swag. It certainly beats stealing crab legs and screaming “fuck her right in the pussy” right after escaping rape charges. And hey, Jacksonville needs any source of buzz it can get.

      1. I dont care about Winston. I was not referring to Winston.

        The gold thing is showing early signs of diva-ism

  1. Fowler’s such a little pussy. He claims to be so tough but Cam Erving dominated him the whole game last year and the year before that. Big bust, watch

    1. lol idiot. You’re just jealous that Fowler turned FSU down after growing up a Nole. You should see a doctor IMO, periods aren’t supposed to last four years consecutively. I’m amazed Neil hasn’t banned you yet.

      1. I think Neil said something about this being his finals week. But man, you’d think that Noles would just be willing to forget about Fowler with all the success they’ve had. It hurts me to say, but Florida State has turned out so much NFL talent in recent years, and they only lost one game the last two years. The fact that they still hate on Fowler despite all that just goes to show that the Gators are always on their mind. Even when they’re the better team, they just can’t get big brother off the brain. I think that’s hilarious.

  2. Fowler ran a 4.61 (which is .36 seconds faster than Jameis Winston ran) 40 yard dash and he’s an absolute monster. If he even adds 10 more pounds of muscle he could make the Pro Bowl. Even as a Jaguar.

  3. Getting such a prominent Gator is like a dream come true. Now I actually have a real reason to go to Jaguars games.

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