Head coach McElwain, President Fuchs swap jobs

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In a rather stunning move by the UAA, the Gators’ head football coach, Jim McElwain, has swapped jobs with UF President Kent Fuchs. Fuchs becomes the first university President to ever become a head football coach.

Oh, you think I’m kidding? No, I’m really not:

The reasoning is not something you’ll hear every day, yet it’s actually quite simple. A source has told me that McElwain was so fed up by the Gators’ performance at practice that he decided he couldn’t take it anymore. Meanwhile, AD Jeremy Foley wanted to replace him with a man who’d seen everything- and found that man in his school’s President.

“It’s a strange feeling to hire my boss, yes, but being the head coach at the University of Florida is something that few individuals are capable of doing,” said Foley. “Therefore, the fact that Fuchs is technically my boss didn’t stop me from hiring him.”

As for McElwain, he stated that he loved the Gators too much to walk away from the school entirely. “I took the head coaching job at Florida because I love UF, and even though I have had a change of heart about the coaching aspect, I can’t bring myself to leave this wonderful school.”

OK, so if you somehow haven’t figured it out yet, it’s an April Fool’s joke. But it’s a damned good one. Hats off to the kind folks at the UAA for a) coming up with the idea and b) allowing me to not only run with it, but expand upon it with made up quotes and additional details. You guys are seriously the best.