IAKOW Bracketology 3/10/14

Our second to last bracketology piece has a few drastic changes to it, and one that’s sure to incite some debate.

Among the notable changes:

-Arkansas, despite an albatross loss to Alabama, was the last team we gave a bye to. Barring a loss in their first game of the SEC Tournament, they’ll stay there.

-Villanova moves up to a 1 seed- which isn’t a surprise- but we had them as a 4 seed three weeks ago after getting blown out by Creighton for the second time. They have not lost since. Job well done, Jay Wright.

-Michigan State drops to a 7. I know, they’re not fully healthy. But they never really have been, so we can only go by what we watch, and even the Michigan State fan who helps me do this couldn’t disagree that from what they’ve shown so far, that’s where they belong.

-Longtime faraway rival Ohio State falls to an 8, and they’re lucky it wasn’t farther. Yes, they beat Michigan State, but they’ve also lost to Penn State and Indiana since our last bracket.

-Nebraska all but locked up a spot last night. You’ve just got to tip your cap to Tim Miles for the job he’s done with a team that started 9-9 with ugly losses to Penn State and UAB adorning their resume. They’ve gone 10-2 since that point, including wins over Michigan State and Wisconsin.

So enjoy, or let the debate begin. Whichever final phrase sounds better.

SOUTH (Memphis)

(1) Florida (SEC)
(16) Utah Val/R Morris
(Orlando, FL)
(8) UMass (A 10)
(9) Oregon (Pac-12)


(4) UNC (ACC)
(13) Delaware (CAA)
(Orlando, FL)
(5) Iowa State (Big 12)
(12) Toledo (MAC)


(6) UCLA (Pac-12)
(11) Tennessee/Dayton
(Raleigh, NC)
(3) Duke (ACC)
(14) Albany (AEC)


(7) SMU (AAC)
(10) Okla St (Big 12)
(Milwaukee, WI)
(2) Michigan (Big 10)
(15) N Car Cent (MEAC)



(1) Villanova (Big East)
(16) Weber St/Ala St
(Buffalo, NY)
(8) Baylor (Big 12)
(9) Colorado (Pac 12)


(4) Cincinnati (AAC)
(13) Mercer (A Sun)
(Spokane, WA)
(5) New Mexico (MWC)
(12) Harvard (Ivy)


(6) St. Louis (A 10)
(11) Arkansas (SEC)
(Raleigh, NC)
(3) Virginia (ACC)
(14) Iona (MAAC)


(7) Iowa (Big 10)
(10) Pittsburgh (ACC)
(Milwaukee, WI)
(2) Louisville (AAC)
(15) Georgia St (S Belt)




(1) Wichita St (MVC)
(16) Wofford (South)
(St. Louis, MO)
(8) G Wash (A 10)
(9) Arizona St (Pac-12)


(4) Creighton (Big East)

(13) SF Aus (Southland)
(San Antonio, TX)
(5) UConn (AAC)
(12) N Dak St (Summit)


(6) VCU (A-10)
(11) Gonzaga (WCC)
(Buffalo, NY)
(3) Syracuse (ACC)
(14) East KY (Oh Val)


(7) Texas (Big 12)
(10) Stanford (Pac-12)
(St. Louis, MO)
(2) Wisconsin (Big 10)
(15) UC Irv (Big West)



(1) Arizona (Pac 12)
(16) C Carolina (B Sth)
(San Diego, CA)
(8) Ohio State (Big 10)
(9) Kansas St (Big 12)


(4) San Diego St (MWC)
(13) Milwaukee (Horiz)
(Spokane, WA)
(5) Memphis (AAC)
(12) Cal/Nebraska


(6) Oklahoma (Big 12)
(11) St Joes (A10)
(San Diego, CA)
(3) Cincinnati (AAC)
(14) LA Tech (CUSA)


(7) Michigan St (Big 10)
(10) Kentucky (SEC)
(San Antonio, TX)
(2) Kansas (Big 12)
(15) Boston U (Patriot)

2 thoughts on “IAKOW Bracketology 3/10/14

  1. I don’t like Michigan State, mainly because their fans were douchebags at the 2009 game in New Jersey, but I don’t think they’re a 7. I know you have to go by what you see, but when they’re healthy, I see a potential Final Four team.

  2. I’m the Michigan State fan and I wanted them as a 6 since they haven’t been healthy all year and have a couple bad losses. Neil wanted them as an 8 and we compromised on the 7 seed. If they beat a couple good teams like (Wisconsin/Michigan) then we’ll most definitely move them up in our last bracketology.

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