IAKOW Bracketology 2/24/14

February 24, 2014

A few things have changed since we did our initial bracketology last week.

First, I added a St. Bonaventure fan to the mix to lobby on behalf of mid majors, since UConn, Michigan State and Florida, the initial three schools being represented, are all power-conference schools (even if the SEC is less than powerful and more than awful with the exception of, you know, Florida).

Second, we took another, really good look at Villanova. Yes, there was the sweep at the hands of Creighton, but other than that, they’ve pretty much done everything they’ve had to. Those two losses, plus Syracuse, were their only losses, and they have numerous wins over teams we have in, including Kansas (1 seed), Iowa (5 seed), St. Joe’s, St. John’s, Xavier, and Georgetown.

Third, we took a good look at Wichita State. Yes, they’re undefeated, but their best win is over St. Louis, who we have as a 3 seed. There are teams we have as 5 seeds with better wins than that. Their second best win is over a BYU team we don’t even have in. I was the only one who wanted Wichita State as a 1 seed, but even I agreed that if I would give them a top seed, it would be the fourth 1 seed, and that would have put them in over Syracuse, who was our actual fourth seed, in New York City. We decided to help both teams out, and leave Syracuse as a 1 and put them in New York, and drop Wichita State to a #2 but put them much closer to home in Indianapolis. Kansas was the other choice to drop but that was quickly dismissed. Yes, we are fully aware of Kansas’s record. We’re also aware of their #1 RPI, and the fact that a third of the games they’ve played were against tougher teams than St. Louis.

Fourth, we made some changes at the bottom of the bracket. Out went Tennessee, Mississippi, Providence and Oklahoma State. In came Arkansas, Nebraska, Georgetown and Baylor.

Any questions you may have that I did not answer in the description above, feel free to sound off in the comments. We’ll be happy to let you know why we made our decisions the way we did.

So, without further ado, here’s the bracket:

SOUTH (Memphis)

(1) Florida 
(16) UC Irvine/Weber State
(Orlando, FL)
(8) Virginia
(9) Colorado
(4) Creighton
(13) Delaware 
(San Antonio, TX)
(5) UConn
(12) Toledo 


(6) Kentucky
(11) Nebraska
(Raleigh, NC)
(3) Duke 
(14) Vermont 
(7) UCLA
(10) St. Joe’s
(Milwaukee, WI)
(2) Cincinnati
(15) Alabama St



(1) Syracuse 
(16) Robert Morris/Utah Valley
(Buffalo, NY)
(8) Gonzaga 
(9) Stanford
(4) Michigan
(13) Mercer 
(Spokane, WA)
(5) UNC
(12) Harvard 


(6) Memphis
(11) Xavier/Baylor
(Raleigh, NC)
(3) Louisville 
(14) Iona 
(7) New Mexico
(10) Richmond
(Buffalo, NY)
(2) Villanova
(15) Georgia St 




(1) Kansas
(16) Davidson 
(St. Louis, MO)
(8) George Washington
(9) Arizona State
(4) Texas 
(13) S.F. Austin 
(San Diego, CA)
(5) Michigan St.
(12) N Dak St.


(6) Ohio State
(11) Missouri
(Milwaukee, WI)
(3) Wisconsin
(14) Belmont 
(7) Massachusetts
(10) California
(St. Louis, MO)
(2) Wichita St
(15) NC Central



(1) Arizona 
(16) C Carolina 
(San Diego, CA)
(8) SMU
(9) VCU
(4) San Diego St
(13) Green Bay 
(Spokane, WA)
(5) Iowa 
(12) Georgetown/St. John’s


(6) Oklahoma
(11) Arkansas
(Orlando, FL)
(3) St. Louis
(14) Mid Ten St 
(7) Kansas St 
(10) Pittsburgh
(San Antonio, TX)
(2) Iowa State
(15) Boston U


4 thoughts on “IAKOW Bracketology 2/24/14

  1. Wichita State’s unbeaten. I don’t care how bad their schedule is, they have not lost a game. Everybody else has lost at least two. I agree I wouldn’t put them ahead of Florida and maybe Arizona but how can you put them behind Kansas and Syracuse? They have a great win on the road against St. Louis. It’s not their fault the Missouri Valley Conference sucks. Geography only carries so much weight, so you can’t use that as an excuse either.

    Other than that, I pretty much agree with everything, including finally giving Villanova some credit and dumping Michigan State down to a 5 seed. I bet that was hard for the MSU fan to swallow, but it’s the right thing to do. They miserably fail every eyeball test.

  2. I’m not so sure about Wichita State either, though I admit their strength of schedule sucks. And San Diego State as a 4? They beat Kansas in Allen Fieldhouse (almost nobody does that) and beat Creighton. The rest looks good though.

    1. San Diego State lost at Wyoming a few weeks ago, which is a pretty awful loss considering that Wyoming lost to a terrible Fresno State Team. Granted they just lost to New Mexico who is a tournament team, but Duke/Nova/Cincy/Iowa State/Louisville/Wisconsin/St Louis have played tougher schedules and are in better conferences.

  3. Yeah MSU has been beaten up by injuries but they’ll be a dangerous 5 seed if Appling and Dawson are both healthy. Wichita State has only beaten 1 definite tournament team in St Louis and 1 bubble team in BYU. Compare to Kansas who has the hardest schedule in the nation (beat Duke, swept Iowa State, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas, swept Baylor, Kansas State) all of those teams are most certainly making the tournament besides Baylor who’s a bubble probably looking in as of this moment and have no bad losses. Syracuse’s only bad loss was at home to BC but they blew out Nova, swept Pitt, beat St Johns/Cal/Minnesota/Baylor all of whom are on the bubble besides Cal. What I’m trying to say is that Cuse/Kansas have more quality wins and by far tougher schedules than Wichita State and have worked harder throughout the season. They deserve the other number 1 seeds AS OF THIS MOMENT in my opinion and I think a lot of members of the committee will agree, but I respect your opinion.

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