IAKOW March Madness pool: How to join, and the prize

Yes, there is indeed a March Madness pool for In All Kinds Of Weather readers and fans. And it took me until just now to realize that I should put up a post on the site itself explaining it.

For starters, here’s how to join. The pool is done on Yahoo. Click this link to get to Yahoo’s fantasy homepage. Search for private pools. The league ID is 80385, and the password is Florida52FSU20. Simple enough. Once you’re in, you’ll be able to access the league’s homepage. The league uses Yahoo’s standard default scoring system, with bonus points for upset picks.

Now, the prize.

A certain Gator basketball legend has agreed to do an interview over the phone with me about the current basketball team’s season, his thoughts on Mike White, and the outlook for the future. I’ll string you along for a little bit to build up the suspense, but: the winner of this March Madness pool will get to join in on the conversation and ask him a couple of questions of his/her own. Anything you’d like to know about him personally, go for it.

It’s worth pointing out the obvious, though: FSU fans who decided to troll me by joining and making bracket names like “F*ck you Neil” or “IAKOW is a p*ssy” are ineligible. If for once an FSU fan actually achieves something other than getting your McDonald’s order right and wins the pool, the honor of speaking to the ex-Gator will go on to the highest finishing Florida fan. The same thing happens if I win the pool (except, you know, it wouldn’t be the biggest accomplishment of my life).

If you win, you’ll need to prove that it’s really you in order to take part in your gift. The easiest way to do this is to make your bracket name the same as your twitter @ name, if you’re on twitter, or your real name if you’re on Facebook. From that account, you can then privately message me your phone number so I can put you on a conference call with the Gator.

So, good luck to everybody participating. Make sure to get your picks in by tomorrow at 12:10pm.

Oh, and by the way, the former Gator player is Will Yeguette.