Ideas For 2011 Pick ‘Em Challenge

Wow, the summer is almost here. One month from today, I’ll be leaving for my job as a sleepaway camp counselor for two months. So I have no idea how much I’ll be able to keep up with writing for the site.

That’s why I’m starting now with this new idea.

I’d like to do a college pick ’em league with all you Gator fans in 2011.

But since there are so many ways to do it, I’d like to have one picked out before I leave so I can fine tune it in my mind over the summer.

What I usually do is just do the ESPN league, but it gets kind of boring when there’s NO WAY you can win- not with ~92958393272 people doing it. Usually, I don’t do very well at all, at or around .500, until the 2008 and 2009 seasons where I was around .700.

So last year I just did an SEC games league, plus all the bowl games. Just to be funny, I picked Jacksonville State to beat Ole Miss. Little did I know that that would spur me on to not miss a single game (admittedly, I picked Mississippi State and LSU to beat Florida out a combination of reverse psychology and rage over the previous week) until Florida-South Carolina. Then I made a no-risk, one-way bet with the other 19 friends in the 20 man league that if I remained perfect until the bowl games, they would all give me 10 bucks.

Of course, Florida choked and as a result I flew into a rage over losing the $190 and wrote such a nasty article about Addazio that I had to delete the article and disable the Bleacher Report account out of fear that the UAA would come after me. Not one of my prouder moments, but whatever. Then I proceeded to lose over half of my bowl game picks, and two others the last week of the year (Alabama-Auburn and Florida-FSU)

For those of you that have never done it before, the point of that little anecdote is that college pick ’em, when structured correctly, can be lots of fun. It can get your blood pressure up a little bit, too. But then again so can the game of football itself. It’s a great thing to do, and a great way to ensure that you’re following college football.

So here are the choices. Post in the comments box the number of the choice you like. But Steve Addazio, if you’re reading this, make sure you get your counting flash cards out, first. Note: SEC games only includes SEC Championship and bowl games would be used as playoff system.

The last thing is the letters. In the comments box, put “A” before the number if you want to do it straight up right and wrong, “B” before the number if you want to do it by confidence from one to however many games there are, and “C” if you want to do it straight up except for one power pick, which counts for two points.

1) SEC games only.

2) All SEC games (non-conference and bowl games).

3) All SEC games and all bowl games.

4) All SEC games that count for two points, all other BCS team games that count for one and all bowl games.

5) All BCS team games and all bowl games for two points, all other FBS games for one.

6) All FBS games and all bowl games.

7) All SEC games for two, all other games for one.

Or something else- just post your idea in the comments box.

Depending on how many people want to do this, we’ll come up with division alignments for the league and playoff system and whatnot.

So post your letter, number and agreement that you would like to do an inallkindsofweather college pick ’em league and let’s see what we get here!

13 thoughts on “Ideas For 2011 Pick ‘Em Challenge

  1. Definitely C. I could go with any of those options for the number so majority is fine. Be warned that I was first runner-up — only one correct pick from the championship — in my otherwise male dominated pro fantasy league last season. :p

  2. C…. and I like the 5th choice. I suck at picking bowl games well at least last season I did. I had barely over .500, but last bowl season was crazy.

  3. How about this. All SEC conference games only for the “regular season”. The better half of the “pickers” pick the score of the SEC Championship game, and the top 2 pick the SEC BCS bowl game with the score for the league title.

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