I’m Taking a Leave Of Absence

I’m going to keep this short and sweet because I’ve only got a few minutes to do this.

I will be out of the country and halfway around the world for the next few weeks. In my absence, Joey Vizzi will run the site. I may still tweet some from the AllKindsWeather twitter account every now and then but that would be it.

One other order of business: welcome aboard Nick Joost! He previously wrote for www.all4thegators.com, and he’ll be our other main contributor. I think he’s got some more content coming to keep you busy over the next couple of weeks.

Anyway, when I get back on June 9th, I’ll jump right back into my game previews. So far, I’ve got Florida breezing through its preseason at 2-0 with blowout wins over Idaho and Eastern Michigan. Kentucky is next, so that should put Florida in 3-0 and in a very confident state should the Gators win that game.

See y’all in mid June!

5 thoughts on “I’m Taking a Leave Of Absence

  1. Have a great time.

    As the season nears, expect me to start submitting.

    Let’s connect before that though.

  2. Hope you’re enjoying yourself, man. I’ve never even left the country (Canada doesn’t count in my book) and the best time to travel is when you’re really young. You’re a lucky 19 year old.

    1. Hey now. Canada is VASTLY different from the US.

      Small historical tidbit – American Football was created because 3 downs wasn’t enough. McGill used to trounce the Ivy Leagues all the time so an extra down was added to the Americans to give them a fighting chance.

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