I’m Working On a Surprise For You Guys

I couldn’t get the Demps interview, the compliance people at UF were being completely unreasonable and obnoxious, so that’s not going to happen. Sorry guys.

I’ve been away the last couple of days, and still am, thus the lack of updates.

But I’m working on a little something that I think you’ll enjoy.

I’ve talked to some people, asked a few questions, got lucky, and now I just need a little more luck to pull this off, and if I do, I think you’ll be pretty happy. It’s nothing HUGE that will blow your socks off, just a nice little something that should make you guys smile for a minute.

Anyway, during the few minutes I have left, I just want to point out to anybody in the dark that Florida’s baseball team is off a great start, with a 4-0 record. They’ve been pretty dominant in doing so, too, with a sweep of South Florida and a 13-2 bombing of USF.

So I’m about to head out now, but before I do, I just want to ask you guys something.

Does Georgia still blow? Because I could swear I felt some nice wind the other day….

2 thoughts on “I’m Working On a Surprise For You Guys

  1. Even if you don’t get it Neil we’ll still love love you. Just not as much.:D
    Like Atlanta say’s Georgia always blows + go Florida baseball!

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