Interview: Jordan Scarlett, Florida freshman RB

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It was a long and laborious recruiting process for Jordan Scarlett, one of the nation’s most highly touted running backs. The longtime Miami Hurricane commit eventually decommitted from the Canes, and two nights before National Signing Day, announced his decision to become a Florida Gator.

Scarlett was highly sought after for a reason. When covering his recruitment, I had this to say about him: “Scarlett is literally a terror for opposing defenses. While he doesn’t have the most amazing juke moves that some of these top backs have, he’s shifty enough on his feet to never let defenders get a clean shot at him, reducing their efforts to arm tackles; thus, he’s near impossible to bring down. Combine that with his 4.3 40 and ability to get to the edge and turn the corner, and you’ve got one of the best running backs in the country. Plain and simple.”

That’s all in the past now, though. Jordan is no longer being sought after or recruited. He’s no longer a Cane commit, a Florida lean, a key Jim McElwain target or even a Florida commit. He is now officially a Florida Gator. So what’s next?

Jordan was kind enough to spend some time with me on the phone and talk about a variety of things, including why he wanted to be a Gator to begin with, who he looks up to, what he hopes to accomplish at UF- and much, much more.

5 thoughts on “Interview: Jordan Scarlett, Florida freshman RB

  1. If we’re being honest with ourselves here, Scarlett sounds high as hell. Still though, nice job Neil. I always enjoy these.

  2. LOLOLOL I loved you paused and sort of grumbled when Scarlett mentioned Muschamp didn’t even bother to recruit him. Just goes to show what a dumb fuck he really is. Great job with the interview, though.

  3. Great job, dude. Interviews like this one are the reason IAKOW is the best Gator blog on the web. Keep it up!

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