My Anti-BCS War: Introduction

The BCS is a disgrace for a number of reasons, and diehard college football fans know them all. It has robbed undefeated teams of a shot at a national championship, it has caused so much controversy that the whole matter has been taken to court multiple times, and most importantly, it has cheated fans- the ones who provide the majority of the money- out of a meaningful conclusion to one of America’s greatest pasttimes.

The BCS doesn’t care. In fact, they love the current system because it puts money in their own pocets. Who cares about the fans? As long as the suits win, it’s all good. This is why the BCS has lasted as long as it has.

The only problem is, to get rid of a system that’s in place, a foolproof alternative must be proposed. If there’s one problem with a replacement model, it goes by the wayside.

If any of you have read Death to the BCS, then you know quite a bit about the BCS, the Cartel, the bowl games, their proposal, everything. The authors of that book did an excellent job covering what makes the BCS wrong from so many different angles. That said, I have an angle to give that they didn’t- I was a GA for my high school team for three years.

I’ve watched guys lay everything out on the line week after week, day after day in practice, etc. The physical and mental ability needed to even play football is hard to understand for people outside the game. I’ll get into greater details later in my war against the BCS, but let me assure those of you that don’t know: it’s very, very hard to play football. The heart needed is not present in everyone; only a select few.

Multiply that ability and heart needed a few times over and you’ve got a college football team. To win a college football game, the entire team must give everything they have. Literally, EVERYTHING in their bodies must be put to sacrifice. Guys get bruised up every day, and they must simply ignore it. Do this 12-13 weeks in a row and you’ve got an undefeated team, which is nearly impossible, since the letdown game can get the best team in the nation (Florida twice under Urban Meyer, for example).

My question the BCS big shots is: how can any person with a functioning brain or heart possibly be willing to explain to a team that did everything they possibly could that they’re not worthy of a national championship? From a neutral perspective, Utah was dearly wronged in 2008. What more could they have possibly done? They were undefeated, and one of those wins came against a top 5 team. Sure, Utah might not have done so well playing big time opponents a few times in a row in a playoff but who knows? Cincinnati in 2009? Yeah, they got hammered by Florida, but they were still undefeated. Who knows if they even cared about the Sugar Bowl? Why should they have cared? It wasn’t for a championship, was it?

There are others problems which I’ll explain at a later date: the greed, the bowl games, the larger playoff income and how the actual system “works”.

For now, though, I am putting the finishing touches on my alternate playoff plan. I’ve thought everything through: the dates/players’ exam schedules, kickoff times, locations, TV telecasts, bowls, and money. In case this gets enough publicity and somebody in the BCS sees it and wants to shoot it down with some absurd question just to stall, I’ve even got the answer on how to paint the end zones if I need it. I’m that determined.

I’ve got this thought through.

In the meantime, though, I need your help. Spread the word around wherever you go. Whatever other sites you guys go to, message boards, spread the word. The plan I am about to propose will seem too crazy to be possible, but it really is. I can pretty much guarantee that nobody has ever tried to get something like this pushed forward. This is not an article I thought of overnight; this is a long time’s work all coming together. It’s awesome, in my own opinion, but it will only do any good if it’s highly publicized. So alert everybody that a gigantic, never seen before proposal to destroy the BCS is on its way.

Check your calendars, because next Friday at 1:00pm, right here on inallkindsofweather, the plan will be released. So be here at 1:00pm to get the first look!