It Sucks to Be U: Hallandale Defensive Back Willie Bailey Dumps Canes for Gators, and This May Be the End For Miami

Will Muschamp is a patient man.

He’ll take months to plan things, and usually, it turns out for the best for him and his team.

A perfect example of this is his recruiting class.

You know, the one that seems to be just as focused on slapping rivals in the face as actually getting numbers.┬áSince we can’t really beat Miami on the field until 2013, the only avenues of smack talk between us and them are baseball and recruiting.

We swept them in the former; now we appear to be on our way to sweeping them in the latter, too.

Will Muschamp has just hauled in his ninth commit. Or was it Muschamp? It could have been Frankie Hammond who made this happen, which is a fantastic sign- if the players can recruit and switch players’ minds, then that gives the coach less work to do.

We all know what happens when a coach has too much on his plate, right? If you aren’t taking the hint, just look back on last season.

Now that I think about it, Miami is in serious trouble. From an honest, unbiased and impartial view, The U might as well add “nwanted” to their helmets, because that’s exactly what they are. Florida and FSU are without question the top 2 teams in Florida. Fine, say the Canes, we’re third in the state. The top three fluctuates daily.


Suddenly, it isn’t just a three team state anymore.

Central Florida, fresh off a top 25 finish, has skyrocketed up into recruits’ minds as a possibility. Mario Cristobal of Florida International has taken his school from no football to a bowl victory. South Florida is a BCS school that beat Miami last year. Hell, Florida Atlantic isn’t going away.

Go ahead, Canes fans. Laugh all you want. But you weren’t laughing too hard when a team with five other scholarship QB’s pulled your top QB target (Jacoby Brisset) away from you, and I doubt you’re laughing hard now.

I know. You’ve got Al Golden, who may just be the next Urban Meyer. But he’d better be, because one more head coaching flop, and you won’t be at the same level as the aforementioned schools. You’ll be below them.

And this won’t be a three-four year thing.

If Al Golden is a flop at Miami, the Canes will suck for decades to come.

Anyway, back to Bailey.

His highlight film impressed me, but then most Gator recruits’ do, or they wouldn’t be looked at much less offered, to play for Florida.

But looking at where our secondary is now, I’m taking away Janoris Jenkins, and that’s our defensive secondary for 2012. So there’s one spot open, and Bailey has as good a shot at a starting spot as a freshman as anybody did.

Cody Riggs and Matt Elam are my picks to break out, not just in the secondary, not just on defense but on the whole team (along with Jaylen Watkins, Jon Bostic, Sharrif Floyd, John Brantley, Deonte Thompson and Andre Debose). If that happens, and Bailey wins the spot, then it’s the perfect combination- experienced talent with one new guy learning from them while playing.

Hell, that worked with Jenkins pretty well, learning from Joe Haden, Ahmad Black, and Major Wright didn’t it?

Willie Bailey, welcome to Florida. And if we beat Miami in 2013, we as Gator Nation ask you- no, beg you- to mockingly flash the U sign with your hands- to the camera.

Let Miami know that their time as a power is over.

6 thoughts on “It Sucks to Be U: Hallandale Defensive Back Willie Bailey Dumps Canes for Gators, and This May Be the End For Miami

  1. I don’t know about him needing to flash the U sign when we whup them in ’13 it hasn’t worked out very well for those who mock our chomp in recent memory so might just be best to let bad karma lie and just run up the score, but hey thats just me

  2. No, I mean flashing the U to show that WE are the new U. Just like Louis Murphy said. The Gator Chomp has been a known curse for over 100 years now, and it has never been broken since.

  3. Alright I’ll go with ya on this Neil. Just a lil cautious is all, don’t want any bad mojo for our boys. I’m all for the “U” niversity of Florida idea.

  4. We can be the new “U” for sure. Miami isn’t coming back for a long time.

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